Rules of Engagement, Simpsons update

Try not to look too surprised.

Some midweek changes have come through for TEN.

On Tuesday August 31st Rules of Engagement is out at 8pm. It will be replaced with a repeat of Modern Family, set to follow a first-run episode.

So far there is no change to ROE on Sundays.

Then on Wednesday September 1st The All New Simpsons Hour is out entirely, to be replaced by another episode of Undercover Boss: “Hooters.”

Presumably some of this pertains to TEN planning to bring forward Junior MasterChef too.

Update: Simpsons is out for one week only.


  1. The New Simpsons won’t be complete. Season 22 will start in America soon and if we don’t finish 21, that’s almost suggesting it’s going to it’s 3rd channel or it’s gone! I mean on ep per week is not going to finish it. MF shouldn’t get repeated until that season is over. The Simpsons hardly repeat episodes until a season is over for us. Usually the next year or Summer. ROE is something I don’t get. JMC is going to blow the ratings I feel. My sister was so excited just after the 1st promo around this week. She can’t wait. The only thing she and I are confused about is if the one who tempers their own chocolate. We don’t know if it’s the kid who nods yes, then hugs his mother? My guess it’s going to be a surprise.

  2. Rules of engagement is hilarious. The new guy (David Spade’s assistant) has breathed new life into the show. I hope ten don’t decide to ditch the show all together. I’m over modern fam.

  3. The Hooters episode is one of the best for Undercover Boss. Watch it. There’s nothing risque about the ep at all despite it being about Hooters.

  4. TEN are trying to burnoff Undercover Boss so that Talkin’ Bout Your Generation will move to 7.30pm Mondays making way for Junior Masterchef on 7.30pm Sunday. All New Simpsons will be back on Wednesdays

    @ Andrew_81 all Modern Family episodes are standalone episodes and do not need to be viewed in any particular order

  5. They are trying really hard to kill Modern Family aren’t they. No need to put repeats on already, it’s only its first season for christs sake. Now i’m no fan of Rules of Engagament , but it was rating quite well considering. Leave things alone.

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