$250,000 prize for TEN’s Priscilla quest

TEN has announced its new talent show I Will Survive: Priscilla will carry a whopping $250,000 cash prize on top of its Broadway opportunity.

The money leaves Masterchef‘s $100,000 cash in its wake -but will it attract anywhere near the same kind of ratings?

The FremantleMedia series also comes with a role in the Broadway production, one month’s accommodation in New York City and representation with a US agent.

Auditions for male performers 21years and older begin on Thursday April 19th.

More info: www.Iwillsurvivetv.com.au


  1. Butterfly Carnage

    The prize money comes with sponsors etc. Also the oldest one in the book: public voting via phone $1 a pop. A million viewers vote over the course of 5 or 6 weeks: $1,000,000. You start to make a profit.

    This show may do well, but it will probably use the focus on it’s human interest and have big finishes with the drag show. YTT with big hair!

    At least 10% or us will watch. Won’t we?

  2. David is right, the nation embraced Priscilla the movie and it is responsible for the renaissance of the drag industry throughout the whole country. This could be surprisingly good

  3. Can anyone confirm whether these prize money offerings are paid by the Networks or the production companies producing these show?

    Anyway TEN will surely stuff this show up by putting it on a ridiculous timeslot like they do with most of their content these days

  4. I’m hoping TEN recognize with this format that it does appeal to a niche audience and will not attract huge ratings. It almost makes me think the prize is too much given the likely outcomes…

  5. Sounds ok to me. Though, not sure how they are going to get around the American Equity green card rules. They’re unlikely to allow an unknown in.

  6. Auditions for male performers…

    So no female contestants? Im confused how this is supposed to get viewers? I don’t think I have ever been so dis-interested in a show, honest, this shows sounds worse to me every time it is reported on.

    Very niche if you ask me….

  7. Yep this will be a massive flop. What a waste of cash. That $250,000 could have been invested intro another season of Rush or producing another drama. Ten are clueless.

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