TEN circles Shark Tank

2014-08-13_1726TEN has issued a casting call for entrepreneurs to pitch business ideas and products pitched to a panel of investors as part of a mystery new show, produced by Shine Australia.

The online casting call, under the banner ‘New Ventures’, asks candidates to describe their project, “For example: Phone App, Handy Man Franchise, Snowboard, Fashion Item etc.”

While Mumbrella has speculated the show sounds similar to Dragon’s Den, previously hosted by Andrew O’Keefe for Seven in 2005, TV Tonight understands the new show is Shark Tank, the Mark Burnett-produced series that has been a bit hit for ABC.

At the heart of the series are people with big ideas and big-talking investors ready to back -or compete for- new products with their own money.

A sixth season is due to premiere in the US in September and the show is nominated for an Emmy.

Sounds like a good move for TEN.

A TEN spokesperson would neither confirm not deny if it was casting Shark Tank when asked by TV Tonight.


  1. Initially when I read the headline, I thought it was a show where they lower someone into a tank of actual sharks (hosted by Grant Denyer of course). The sad part is that it was plausible.

  2. Agree with chef_24, casting is vital on this one. It would be a disaster to end up with no-talents just because they run a company that is a big advertiser for Ten.

  3. I had never really watched Shark Tank but last year travelling with some Americans I started watching it on their iTunes and really enjoyed the show.

    I’m surprised it has never made it’s way onto Aussie TV / Foxtel or anything. Such an addictive show to watch.

  4. Really enjoy DD UK and Canada – I don’t think they’re too dry at all. They’re realistic and entertaining without pointless Americanised dramatisation.
    Not sure DD/ST would work in Australia unless you had some very well know Australian businesspeople and apart from Mark Bouris I can’t really think of any.

  5. Shark Tank does big numbers, as does the Canadian Dragon’s Den, which is one of the highest rated shows in the country. They’re both great shows (the British version is a snoozefest) Both have their casting down perfectly. It’s about finding great investors who can be funny, willing to have a go, smart and know their stuff. If they could hook Mark Cuban or Kevin O’Leary (Youtube him, he’s a hilarious caricature), I’ll be watching!

  6. If it is half as good as Dragons Den it would be great, the trick is to get the investors with enough personality and showman ship to make it work, with the comments constructive.

    I remember one Dragons Den episode I watched the poor girl was so clearly out of her depth with projected earnings and the profit whether they earned profit on cost or profit on sale, they tore her to shreds, poor for the girl but riveting TV.
    This is probably why the Apprentice UK is so great in the UK, Sir Alan Sugar is a great main character with his own common sense approach to many things.

  7. Anyway, yes x1000 for a local Survivor, but I do have to disagree with FKlein’s point of it can’t be done in real time. Mainly because if they edit their storyline in accordance to the winner then you get such a predicable season. (Case in point: The previous 2 seasons of Survivor U.S, as exciting as the both seasons were it was very clear that the winners were Tyson (BvW) and Tony (BvBvB). I think it would be better to go down the BB route (except only 2 or 3 times a week) so that way you get to see more of everyone and it’s less focused on a select few people.

  8. I refuse to watch it unless it’s called “Dragon’s Den”. I am sorry, I know it’s nit picky but I love the British edition of the show (which has the true name) and I refuse to acknowledge any edition of the program that calls it by the inferior American name.

    So unless it’s called “Dragon’s Den” , I am out.

  9. I remember when Dragon’s Den played here it really confused and upset audiences, and failed very quickly. It still surprises me that the show has remained popular in the UK, it seems like a very unpleasant show to me.

    But isn’t Shark Tank just the US version of Dragon’s Den, so in fact it is the same show, just with a different name?

  10. @alvar 100% agree on Ten doing a local version of Survivor, they have the perfect host already working at the network…. Matt Doran, he would be great, just saying, but if they were to have multiple episodes 2 a week would be enough. Also I don’t think this could be aired in real time, the producers need to tell the most appropriate story depending on who the winner is & that would be hard to do in real time. It’s works on BB, but survivor is a strategy show not a popularity contest

  11. It could work here, and there’s nothing much like it in Australia. In the US the series is huge for a Friday night.

    Just putting it out there – I think Ten should consider a local version of Survivor. Its a well known brand, its different to all the other reality shows on at the moment and could potentially be stripped and aired in a real time format.

  12. If Ten chooses the right ‘Sharks’ for casting, they will have a hit on their hands. Shark Tank does good business in the US, when screened on a Friday night. Those investors have such a great chemistry and the tit for tat drama is great.

    Given Ten has very little first run content in their schedule right now, should serve them to test the waters now, or better yet promote it for 2015.

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