“Is he really dead?” Claire Danes faces Homeland without Damian Lewis

2012-11-17_1849It would be a mammoth turn-around if it were true, but there’s speculation that Damien Lewis’s Homeland character, Nicholas Brody, may not be dead after all.

Brody was depicted hanging by the neck in the show’s previous season final.

But Homeland is known for its twists and even co-star Claire Danes has her doubts.

‘A lot of people, even my friends, were saying, “Is he really dead?”, Danes told Harper’s Bazaar.

“And it’s absurd, but I think there’s a part of me that is also a little unsure.

“I’ll really start to believe it when we’re filming and he’s not there. That’s going to be hard and sad,” she said.

“I loved working with him and he carried half the weight of the show. So I’m a little bit daunted about what that means for me.”

The new series will see Danes’s Carrie posted to Pakistan as a CIA station chief, while struggling with the choice to keep her and Brody’s child as a single parent.

TEN is due to fast-track the next season soon.

Source: Radio Times


  1. After that ridiculous Carrie-Saul twist last season, I guess that absolutely anything is possible.

    It would have been more plausible if they hadn’t shown so many closeups of Brody in the lead up to the execution (ie if the Iranians actually executed someone who looked similar so they could keep Brody to interrogate him or something).

  2. The Brody story arc should have concluded at end of S02.
    He was hardly even seen in the 3rd season and I was actually relieved, although stunned, when he was executed.

  3. Yep Brody is dead this is just spin/click bait (not from you David just in regards to hyping up the return).
    I still quite enjoyed Season 3 of Homeland despite its inconsistencies but the Brody story had really run its course. For the show to have any longevity they needed to reboot it and change the focus – it definitely isn’t still too late for this.
    Looking forward to Season 4.

  4. There was a wonderful show called Homeland series 1 & 2. It was fascinating and couldn’t wait for the next episode. Then things started to shift,silly stuff and changing the whole look of the show with writing that was now getting to be not real. That is where we are now with Homeland. They have changed a once proven strong show into something so off the wall and quite silly given to us to watch and be as enthusiastic as if we were watching it from the start.They have essentially set this up for failure and the fact that they lost Damian is beyond stupid.He is working on multiple projects and if he was to come back,it will be a huge surprise and not sure whether it could the same. Most US blogs I have read about the change in this show and particularly that it is set in the middle east, has not been good and like some of us, wish the writers had kept it at home and stuck to a given.

  5. Yes Brody is dead. Not even David Copperfield could have escaped from that one. This is just prelaunch spin.

    None of the Brodys are contracted for this season, their story is finished. They have effectively rebooted the series around Carrie and Pakistan, though Saul and Quinn get dragged back in.

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