Summer Bay cast changes

Chris Sadrinna, “Brad” of Home and Away will be written out of the show in the next twelve months according to the Daily Telegraph.

“It wasn’t his choice to go, the producers made the decision for him. He didn’t want to go, he was just told ‘that’s it’,” one spy said yesterday.

Given his character is tied closely to Sally (Kate Ritchie) there is now speculation that her character may be exiting, hence the need to write out Sadrinna.


  1. backtothebay says brad’s depaarture puts sally in a position for the christmas cliffhanger, but he leaves 3 months before that

  2. Is the guy from the Uk in neighboure really that hot? I find those veins in his forehead quite distracting. And why all of a sudden are ther so many guys that can’t act on the show. surley there’s a hunk out there that can act aswell.

  3. Home and Away without Kate Ritchie is impossible to imagine … still, I find it far more compelling than Neighbours … even if they do have that hot! hot! hot! guy from the UK who can’t act.

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