Returning: Commercial Breakdown

Nine is returning Commercial Breakdown to its screens in a new timeslot, 7:00pm Sundays from November 11.

It will replace Dirty Jobs hosted by Jo Beth Taylor and Ben Dark which concludes next week.

At only 5 episodes long, it would appear the show is being taken out of schedule earlier than expected.

Last night it averaged 818,000 viewers against National Bingo Night’s 1.34m and ARIA Red Carpet Night’s 956,000.

Significantly it also lost viewers from The Singing Bee’s lead-in of 911,000 -not the trend you want to see on the all-important Sunday night. Clearly it isn’t what most family viewers want to watch when sitting down for the evening meal.

The clip show of ads from around the world was first fronted in the UK by Jasper Carrott but in Australia is hosted by Getaway’s Dermott Brereton.

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  1. This blog post highlights how Australian made tv has gone to the dogs… Commercial Breakdown, Dirty Jobs, National Bingo Night and The Singing Bee are just a waste of space for D list “celebrities” to finish out their contracts with the networks trying to make stuff as cheaply as they can, regardless of the Australian dollar hitting $0.92 USD recently…

    If you can’t make anything nice, then buy something that’ll be worth us watching Australian TV networks!!

    PS. That was the worst ARIA’s I’ve ever seen, and I further note how un-funny Rove is when he’s trying to be, I heard nobody even giggle at anything he said…

  2. The Singing Bee only got 911,000?

    What’s the matter with Nine? It didn’t get a million viewers! Axe it immediately!

    Oh, that’s right, they only axe quality programming 🙂

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