Vote: TV Tonight Awards 2007

Be afraid. TV Tonight’s own reader awards are here for 2007!

Yes it’s time to acknowledge the best and the worst in TV for the year. Comedy, Drama, Light Entertainment, Reality, News, Interview, Factual, Game Show, Kids, Morning TV, Worst Show, Most Underrated Performer, Best Network, Best Subscription TV Channel -it’s all here!

There’s even 2 categories for Worst Blunder and Best Brawl.

The selection criteria for shows is simple: It must have been on air, new in Australia for 2007. For most of the big categories there is a shortlist of suggestions -but there is also an “Other” if you’re not happy.

While most categories are confined to Australian content, there are a few that throw in International shows too.

Aside from a few demographic questions at the end, none of the questions are mandatory. If you don’t like it, skip to the next one. The full survey takes between 5 – 10 mins to complete. You can’t step backwards if you skip something, and you can only enter once per computer.

Entries close December 31 2007. Winners will be announced early in the New Year!

You know the networks will be watching with interest. This is (another!) chance to let ’em know what you love and hate!

Bring it on, guys!

Vote now: TV Tonight Awards 2007

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