Airdate: A Year with the Royal Family, Rapid Response

Nine has unveiled plans for two of its new observational series, A Year with the Royal Family and Rapid Response.

The UK documentary series that looks at a year in the life of the Royal Family will premiere at 7:30pm Monday Feb 4. In Britain it was narrated by actor Tim Piggott-Smith, but Australia will be listening to the voice of Cate Blanchett. It was previously titled Monarchy and Monarchy: The Royal Family At Work.

The series that looks at the workings of St John Ambulance, Rapid Response, will premiere at 11pm Thursday February 7.

UPDATE: From Rapid Response moves to 11pm with Amazing Medical Stories at 10pm.

A Year with the Royal Family
Narrated by Cate Blanchett, a year with the Royal Family provides an exceptional insight into the work of the Queen and other members of the Royal Family over the course of the year. From major state visits and royal tours to smaller meetings and audiences. This series will give viewers a remarkable picture of how the Monarchy operates at home and abroad.

Rapid Response
The Rapid Response vehicles of St John’s Ambulance are the modern face of medical emergency call out work. Packed with emergency medical supplies and driven by advanced paramedics, they are designed to respond and arrive on location first at major medical emergencies. This series captures life in the fast lane of the paramedics in their efforts to save the lives of ordinary people.

UPDATE 01/02/08: Rapid Response now out of schedule.

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  1. do why nine always schedule there observational shows on at 10pm and later….. The show doesnt have a chance…. Thats what happened to RFDS….. Why dont they try and compete in the 7:30pm or 8pmtimeslot like Border Security and the like

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