More Underbelly leaks

How do you know you have a hit? When everyone wants to download your show.

The Nine Network is learning the hard way that Underbelly has almost become a case of life imitating art, as advance eps continue to trade illegally online.

The leaking of the episodes four to eight, which are yet to be screened, were posted online yesterday afternoon.

Hundreds of web-surfers have already used sites to download the advanced screener episodes.

This is combined with the tens of thousands who have already downloaded the first three episodes of the series.

It also follows the trading of advance copies in carparks and building sites in Victoria last week.

Damian Walshe-Howling, who plays Andrew “Benji” Veniamin, has watched just one of the 13 episodes, while Kat Stewart, who plays Roberta Williams, has viewed four episodes, but only in parts.

Although the actors have to wait until a court order is lifted to see any more of the big-budget show, they say they are enjoying the intrigue the show is creating.

Walshe-Howling said: “I was really disappointed initially, but now I am loving it – there is so much underground hype.

“I was in a pub on the weekend and someone came up to me and said, `Hey, Benji’, and said he loved the show. He must have seen more episodes than me.”

This morning a Nine Network spokesperson said: “Any uploading of a Nine television program, including Underbelly, on the internet is an infringement of our copyright and the Network opposes it.

“We take very seriously any order of the court, and we are fully complying with that order. We do not condone any other parties interfering with our rights and if necessary we will take legal action.”

Source: The Age
Daily Telegraph


  1. Pietro, there are 13 episodes, with episodes 10 to 13 being reported as being incomplete – no music score etc.

    I wish Nine luck in their legal action against the “uploader”, considering their spectacular success in discovering the “original ISP address” of the person who torrented the pilot. I presume they’ve been caught and jailed already. Not.

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