No day like Today

The Today show beat Sunrise in Sydney yesterday for the first time in two years.

In a close finish Nine had 115,000 over Seven’s 113,000. The win in the Sydney market follows regular wins for Today in Melbourne.

Nationally, Sunrise remains in front, yesterday scoring 392,000 to Today’s 281,000, a lead of more than 100,000 viewers.

Today’s win in Sydney however, was significant for the fact that the show had nothing noteworthy in the way of guests or segments. Were the younger viewers of Seven’s show out enjoying the morning sunshine?

In Melbourne, Today has been winning for the past 14 months, yesterday scoring 78,000 to Seven’s 75,000. Meanwhile Sunrise one of its biggest wins in Brissy yesterday.

The battle for brekkie will have a new player in the marketplace when ABC2 launches Breakfast with Virginia Trioli and Peter Lloyd in September, driven by ABC news resources and installing cameras in ABC radio booths to capture political interviews.

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  1. Do we have any demo info or is it just guessing? I would have thought they would share a similar demo & Seven is not a station one normally associates with younger viewers.

  2. I’m sick of people saying The Today Show has predominantly older viewers. I’m 16 and always watch Today over Sunrise. Plus I think that young people in more affluent and non-bogan areas would go for the show with more class and credability than the ditzy air-heads on Sunrise.

  3. Congratulations Today show, I watch you every day just before I go to work, it’s more pleasing to watch and Georgie Gardner makes it all worth while watching, she has the most friendliest smile and something about her makes me always switch to the Today show.

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