90210 dips in week 2, Fringe launches ok

Winning the timeslot in the first week, as we know, is no indication of much at all, except to congratulate the marketing team on a job well done.

90210 which had delivered the highest rated series premiere ever for the CW network in the 18-49 demographic, found a 35% drop in that same demographic just a week later. That doesn’t bode well for TEN next Monday night. A week later the show isn’t even on in Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth due to the Brownlow Medal -a great way to confuse the audience.

Meanwhile Fringe has also premiered to an ok audience in the US where it averaged 9 million, from its first to its third half hour. It won its slot with ‘good but not great’ numbers. Next week it is assisted by the return of House as a lead-in.

Source: Media Life


  1. they could put supernatural on if they take 90210 off, coz yes they are bringing back good news week but burn notice only has a few episodes left so gnw was probably meant to fill that gap. supernatural returns on the 18th in the US so they could fastrack it (it was looking like they weren’t going to) coz supernatural used to be on monday nights, so it is a possibility.

  2. More rash decisions than the aus networks? If it stays around 8-9 million it should be safe. Prison Break and terminator is down to around 6.5 million and they are keeping that on (they’d better), but probs cancel it end of this season.

  3. Fringe is definately worth waiting for. The pilot was great. Hopefully they can keep up the high standard throughout the remaining episodes and FOX don’t make any rash decisions for which they are notorious for.

  4. bringing back 90210 was always a bad idea to me. why bring back stuff that’s long gone? its just annoying and will have nowhere near the following it once did.

    im excited about fringe; im putting off watching the leaked pilot cos i wanna watch it on the night. i love the way JJ Abrams thinks so i have high hopes.

  5. But does ch10 have anything to fill the whole, Burn Notice is only 2 eps behind so double eps won’t work, hey maybe they could bring Psych back to the SD channel 😛

    Or do a ch9 and have a movie, just handing the night to Seven.

  6. Not looking good for 90210, so what happens in the states not showing it this week, are they just a week behind? Not a good way to fasttrack a new show when it’s 2 weeks old! (Note to self *cough*)

    As for Fringe, I saw the leaked pilot and it looked good, I just hope ch9 sticks with it because unlike the US it’s actually up against House here, which IMO is not good news.

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