Airdate: Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds

Go tell your 'lil 'sis. A Miley Cyrus concert is set to air.

Go tell your little ‘sis, there’s a Miley Cyrus concert ‘a-comin.

The 2hr film shows Miley Cyrus on her Best of Both Worlds Tour as Hannah Montana, with film clips taken from her performance in Salt Lake City, Utah. Behind-the-scenes clips are also shown. Released as a 2008 concert by Walt Disney Pictures, this is a concert combined with documentary elements.

Seven will air it 9am Saturday October 4th.

Hannah Montana
1. Rock Star
2. Life’s What You Make It
3. Just Like You
4. Nobody’s Perfect
5. Pumpin’ Up the Party
6. I Got Nerve
7. We Got the Party (Featuring The Jonas Brothers)

Miley Cyrus
1. Start All Over
2. Good & Broken
3. See You Again
4. Let’s Dance
5. East Northumberlad High
6. G.N.O (Girl’s Night Out)
7. Best Of Both Worlds

Press Release:

Hannah Montana fans everywhere will have a chance to see their favourite singer, songwriter and actress, MILEY CYRUS, perform her hottest hits LIVE on stage. For the first time, Miley performs as herself and as Hannah in the same epic show. Go backstage as Miley gags around with family and friends, and take a rare-look inside the rock star life of Miley Cyrus.

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  1. She should go back to tenesee and dissapear becuase she HAS NO TALENT WHATSOEVER and her fan base is basically 5-11 year olds. she already screwed up her act by releasing no-so-sexy pics on the internet and probably lost most her fans.
    i agree, she is a normal teenager but as a world-wide sensation, she has a freakin resposibility to stay in the clear at her age. and her parents should take classes on how to parent becuase THEY FREAKIN PUSHED HER INTO THE SPOTLIGHT.
    So maybe i blame miley for letting all this happen, or maybe i blame her parents for not looking out for her. But i KNOW she wont succeed much after she ditches hannah montana becuase she has no singing talent,

  2. I Love the girl i went to the ut show cause i live in ut and it rocked i love miley cyrus so much she is my role modle i look up to her i dont really care what she does i will always love you Miley Cyrus you like so RULE

  3. i agree with Billythekid! seriously guys how could you force your children nt to watch miley cyrus… okay bout those vanity fair pics get over it it was a mistake its not like those pics r gonna show up durin the 3d movie!
    i think it makes her an even better role model & person it shows kids that she isnt perfect and she is just like a normal girl….

    also how could u say she is stupid she is one of the smartest 15 yr olds i have seen the way she presents herself is “wow” she is a very smart young girl!

    and her talkent is different it aint no fake squeky lizzie mcguire crap its a real voice with depth!
    anyways thats all i am saying! she is an amazing girl! and from what i seen & heard she is down-to-earth.

  4. AMIR….you say she is ignorant? What do you mean by ignorant, as in stupid, uneducated or some backwoods bumkin from Tennesee? Or you say she is fake? Do you mean that natural, down to earth quality that comes out in every interview I ever seen the girl give. I suppose you prefer the Amy Winehouse treatment (LOL).
    Overrated? I don’t know about that, but I do know she is the world’s most famous teenage girl. It’s obvious she is doing something right; she seems to have gotten you and BREE’s attention, or at least enough of it to post silly comments. My reference to silly comments refers to your calling her an untalented brat. Neither you nor I know enough about her personally to call her a brat, but I have seen enough of her acting and singing, not to leave out hosting 2 award shows this year, to be absolutely convinced the girl has talent. And I can back that up by citing the millions of people who watch her show, listen to her music, and frequent her concerts (all sold out in minutes I might add…ahem). Yeah, that about sums up my argument.

  5. woop dee doo, so what if seven doesn’t screen it at night. 9 AM is the perfect slot for it, right after Hannah montana on Saturday Disney. They’ll show a proper family movie that everyone can enjoy that night, there’s plenty of others that im sure are just as good if not better than this film/doco. if it was a proper Hannah Montana Feature film (which is in the works) then the prime time slot would work

  6. lol, Ive seen this concert already. It was good with 3D, and Disney did it 3D as well. But I take it 7 arent?

    Oh well. 9am is an aweful time. But i guess with no Saturday morning sports, kids might watch it. But yes, 6:30pm would have been a better timeslot. But what can we do…

  7. That was fast. The movie isn’t even available on DVD yet. I guess Disney want to milk her fandom while they still can.

    But I agree, despite what we all think about ‘lil Cyrus, this should be on at primetime. The 9am slot is ridiculous.

  8. This is a programming disaster for 7. It was get dismal ratings at 9am on a saturday morning. Most kids will be at sports or playing games consoles at 9am

    High School Musical proved what a family rating winner, Saturday 6:30pm is. Cars got 1.1 million on Saturday Night. You won’t be getting that much at 9am

    How much do you think Packed to the Rafters would get at 9am?


  9. I honestly think Seven’s making a big mistake with this one David. 9am??? If I were Seven, I would have chucked it on primetime Saturday night. Why, you may ask? This concert was actually shot by Disney in 3D (Seven most likely got the non-3D version, Foxtel’s Disney Channel aired the 3D version earlier this year.). Seven could have done all the promotion in the world then, including freebie 3D glasses.

  10. David, do you think Seven made a bad scheduling mistake with this movie – if Seven had put this movie on at 6:30pm instead of 9am & have a good marketing campaign, wouldn’t they get more people watching meaning a better ratings share (like when Seven putted High School Musical on at 9am the day HSM2 premiered at 6:30pm?)

    Another waste of a new movie, which would most likely help Seven win the night.

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