Sunrise extends to 10am

Sunrise is now extending its broadcast to 10am this week.

There’s quite a battle going on in Breakfast television at the moment in the wake of the floods.

While Today is presenting a local Queensland edition of Today, Sunrise is now extending its broadcast to 10am this week.

Toybox will air at 10am and Hannah Montana and Go Go Stop are both out.

Meanwhile Sunrise has also launched “Operation Bounce Back” a joint initiative with the Queensland Government.

“We are looking for tradies, we are going to need a massive re-building exercise and it’s just not here in the capital city. It’s in Rockhampton, Emerald, St George and right across the regions of Queensland as well,” Premier Bligh said. “If tradies have time to donate some of their skills that would certainly ease the burden.”

Sunrise co-host David Koch added, “We want Queensland to bounce back as quickly as possible and we need your help.

“We need plumbers, carpenters and electricians – basically anyone that can ensure residents have the essentials like hot water, a working toilet and an operating kitchen.”

Register at www.yahoo7.com.au/sunrise

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  1. @ JamesJ – Sunrise don’t care about Perth!! It’s obvious when the tennis or something else is on that airs at 8am when they quite rudely, in my opinion, say that’s where the Perth telecast ends – no ‘Have a great day and we’ll see you tomorrow’ and quite often, they don’t even look at the camera!

    This sounds really petty, I know, but I like to feel that me watching something matters to the hosts!

    Its bugged me for years!

  2. Not that I can say for sure (I didn’t watch today), but I’m assuming that Sunrise is being delayed to Perth by 3 hours?
    If so, this seems illogical to me, as it has to end at 8am for the tennis anyway, so why not just start it at 4am on a 1hour delay, and then it would run straight through to 8am.

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