Airdate: Outback 8

4 British and 4 Aussie kids aged 12 - 14 will learn how to become jackaroos in TEN's new afternoon show.

Network TEN will premiere its new Kids’ TV series Outback 8 which features 4 Aussie kids and 4 British kids learning to become jackaroos.

The series, shot at the Australian Agricultural College, Longreach, is a co-production between TEN and the BBC.

The 8 kids aged from 12 – 14 years are trained by David Manchon, lead rider from the Australian Outback Spectacular and student Ingrid O’Neill. While the Aussie kids are pretty blase about everything, the British kids are awestruck, to say the least, by the temperature, orange dust, yellow grass and ….finding ants in their microwave.

Most of the show is observational in style, thankfully devoid of elimination-style shows. While talk about the inclusion of minors in reality TV circulates, this show appears to have its sights set on educational value, particularly for UK children. Even the ABC is making a co-production with the Brits for children, Escape from Scorpion Island.

Outback 8 premieres at 4pm on Monday September 22nd.

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  1. How can I sign up for outback 8?
    I really want to know?
    If you’s are making a new series then what channel is it going or mite be on?

  2. hey im 14 i have always loved horses but i dont every get 2 see ot hang with horses only wen i go down to victoria but yeah… i would love 2 be on the show so please tell me how to get on the show i would love you so much i wont 2 do a lot more with horses but i live in the city i wonna move 2 longreach so i can go to the collage there 🙂

  3. hi my name is jasmine. I’m 11 i live in Townsville QLD and love this show it rocks, and the excitement when i see the out back eight having so much fun and getting right in there rustling the cattle and riding the horses witch is my favorite thing in the whole world I’m having riding lessons and love learning every thing i can about horses and farming . maybe one day this could be me on out back eight . thanks Jasmine R

  4. hi my name is denver iam 11 turning 12 i have some experience with bulls and stuff becouse love doing my sport rodeo bullriding and i love horses dogs all kinds of animals and would love to be in the next season i love the country and want to work on a cattle station when i leave high school……. please tell me how i can get on that show it rock …..

  5. Hi, i’m tiffany I’m 11 but, I’m turning 12 this year.(June 2010) I know kind of about cattle because my pop and dad own about 1000 head each. I own about 100 head. I have been riding a horse for about umm… about my whole life. I live in Queensland and I live in the outback but I always wanted to be a Jackaroo. I own a quarter horse and i love her. My sister (14) also wants to be on the show to and she’s been riding a horse all her life too. She’s in the Beef cattle show team at her high school. My dream is to go on the show and learn about cattle, farming.etc. I’ve competed in camp drafts and won ribbons. When my pop passers I’m in his will i will get all his cattle. I ride alot and look after cattle and sick ones too. so please let me join and be a jackaroo because when my pop passes i have to muster all the cattle and look after the farm.

    Ok i think thats all bye Tiffany

  6. Hi, my name is katherine, I am 13 years old. I have never been to the outback. I lived in sydney but now I live near Gatton, QLD. You can say that I’m a city kid. I have been riding since I was 2 years old but I am not confident enough to go past walk onto trot. I dont ride very often. I love the show Outback 8, I try to watch the show when ever I can.

  7. i would love to be on the show i’v loved horses my whole life.
    even though i don’t have one of my own i still go ridding every now and then been ridding since i was 9 and i am now 12

  8. HA! my mate tamara is on that show!
    (she’s the black girl)

    Its great!
    she said she had a great time!
    The show comes on here in england evey friday at 5:00
    the series has just started again!

  9. ‘Reality Shows’ with kids are a bit iffy, but “Outback 8” shines through. However, the actual content is very slight per episode, 5 or 6 minutes padded with adverts, titles, and promos making up the half hour. The challenges are realistic, the story-line simple, but interesting, and the kids reacted to the situations very naturally. Nothing looked ‘staged’ so the series was very authentic. I hope the BBC does more of this sort of TV for kids.

  10. I think it’s a fantastic opportunity and they’ve targeted a great age bracket. There is a serious under appreciation for the phenomenal land that we Australians have.
    Much of our culture has stemmed from the rural scene and it’s great to encourage people to get back to it.

    I’m a uni student and am looking at how i can incorporate learning at The Australian Agricultural College Corporation (AACC) into my education. And it’s really encouraging to see that i’m not the only one interested :).

  11. At this stage Ten hasn’t commissioned a second series. If they do, there will be a casting call at some stage or you can keep an eye on the Ten website, in particular Totally Wild website for more info…

  12. What is wrong with good old cartoons? There’s a severe lack of animated programs on these days. Channel 7 and 9 have a few on REALLY early in the morning and channel 2 show some in the afternoon but the commercial networks NEVER have them on in the afternoon. I remember coming home from school and watching Looney Tunes and a bunch of Nickelodeon shows on channel 2. I miss those.

  13. Good to see that its given a safe timeslot of 4pm rather than seeing it fail at 7:30pm as they did with Kid Nation and Teen Fit Camp last year.

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