Returning: Escape From Scorpion Island

Escape From Scorpion Island returns to ABC3 in a new series this week.

This will be the fourth series filmed in Australia and features two teams of Australian and UK kids aged between eleven and thirteen.

This time they are divided into teams based on gender: boys vs girls.

The ten new brave adventurers cross the ferocious ocean that surrounds Scorpion Island and clamber upon its shores. They hear the story of the Fortune Hunter who took the Island on in a series of challenges and won every piece of treasure, but he failed in his final escape.

As an ultimate act of revenge the Island threw the treasures deep into its jungles. Now the ten new adventurers must follow in his footsteps and find the treasures. Plus the Island has made things difficult for the adventurers and divides them into two teams… girls and boys.

The girls are up first and they must face the Chasm of Chaos challenge!

It begins 6:25pm Friday 11th March on ABC3.

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