And what if Anna stays put?

After all those rumours and comments about Today Tonight‘s Anna Coren looking to work in Hong Kong, or Atlanta, or anywhere other than Seven, it now appears things may have changed. That’s kinda awkward considering…

At least Coren has been coy to the media on the issue, whereas news boss Peter Meakin is on the record as saying, “it is not compulsory for her to work at Channel 7.”

Today there are reports Coren may have had a change of heart in leaving, after only being able to secure weekend news reading at CNN’s Atlanta base.

Meakin will reportedly chair negotiations with Coren.

“I am scheduled to catch up with Anna tomorrow and everything will be laid on the table – we are going to start with a clean sheet,” Meakin told last night.

“If she did get a job overseas and wants to leave then good luck to her, but she has not yet indicated that is what she wants to do.

“Any number of issues could be raised with regards to her contract, from terms and conditions, to job satisfaction, to pay – and when there is an announcement to be made we will make it.”

Recently there has also been speculation that Samantha Armytage was a likely replacement for Coren if she were to leave. Maybe she should chair those negotiations instead?


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  1. Anna stays, Samantha goes – thats what I reckon will happen. What a bizarre serious of events – basically Seven are saying the they don’t think Anna is worth fighting for and if she wants to leave, then she can leave.

    I suppose Peter Meakin has realised that like Willesse and ACA early years, it doesn’t matter who hosts the show, the show will still rate. There has been little increase or decrease in ratings between Naomi and Anna

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