Lucy Lawless joins The L Word

Lucy Lawless aka Xena is finally giving her fans what she wants -a role in The L Word.

Without giving much away, Lawless writes on her blog that:

“I’ve been off doing a role on CSI: Miami which airs around Oct. 20(?) I play a tart with no heart, for a change.

Also, look for me on The L Word at some point. Can’t tell you anything about that — it’s deep in the closet.”

The sixth and final season of the series from writer Ilene Chaiken will air in the US in January. A spin-off series featuring Leisha Hailey’s character Alice Pieszecki is also in the works.

Movie Extra channel recently aired the fourth series in Australia.



  1. yup
    i heard that 2
    Ilene is going to set up some poll to vote for guest stars for the movie\and the spin-off (alice) soon!!!!
    so keep up the good work and vote for them ,, i’d really like to see them kissing after all these years .. so if there no xena\gabby movie .. So be it!!
    we’ll gonna move to Plan B and get you two in The Hell L Word
    wohoooooooo yeeeaah !!! 😉

  2. o.k if there is (the L word movie) ilene gonna make a poll 4 vote for new characters in there so we’ll gonna vote like hell for Lucy and Renee to get in there …. they kept us waiting foe a Xena/Gabrielle movie for years and we never had it so its the onky way for us to get to them make out for ones!!!!

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