Week 37


1 Seven News Seven 1.268 2 Nine News Nine 1.214 3 TEN's AFL: St Kilda V Collingwood TEN 1.087 4 The Bill ABC 0.852m 5 ABC News ABC 0.781m

Seven wins as TEN is taken out
Top 100
Pay TV Week 37
ASTRA Week 37


1 Seven News Seven 1.268
2 Nine News Nine 1.214
3 TEN’s AFL: St Kilda V Collingwood TEN 1.087
4 The Bill ABC 0.852m
5 ABC News ABC 0.781m
Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show Nine 0. 770m
Rugby League Final Series QF2 Nine 0.626m
Rugby League Final Series QF3 Nine 0.538m
Seven’s R.U: Bledisloe Cup: Aus V N Z Seven 0.496m
Mythbusters SBS 0.422m

TEN: 27.5
Nine: 24.9
Seven: 22.5
ABC: 18.8
SBS: 6.3


1 Seven News Seven 1.420
2 A Current Affair Nine 1.139
3 Two And A Half Men Nine 1.123
4 Nine News Network Nine 1.117
5 Seven’s AFL: Semi-Final 2: Western Bulldogs Vs Sydney Seven 1.117
Today Tonight Seven 1.055
Wire In The Blood Network ABC 0.983m
Rugby League Final Series QF1 Nine 0.831m
Taken Out Network TEN 0.581m
Paralympic Games Beijing 2008 Highlights Day 6 ABC1 0.334m

Seven: 31.3
Nine: 28.5
ABC: 19.1
TEN: 16.0
SBS: 5.0


1. Seven News Seven 1.431
2. Today Tonight Seven 1.322
3. The Strip Nine 1.248
4. Home and Away Seven 1.234
5. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.209
6. Getaway Nine 1.162
7. A Current Affair Nine 1.071
8. National Nine News Nine 1.070
9. ABC News ABC 1.067
10. Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? TEN 1.057
11. Make Me A Supermodel Seven 1.052
12. Law and Order: Criminal Intent TEN 0.999
13. Ghost Whisperer Seven 0.921
14. The 7:30 Report ABC 0.913
The Footy Show 0.873m
Ghost Whisperer – Late 0.836m
Catalyst 0.766m
TEN News at Five 0.766m
Neighbours 0.756m
Deal or No Deal 0.747m
Taken Out 0.609m
Antiques Roadshow 0.514m

Nine: 28.7
Seven: 27.5
TEN: 22.0
ABC: 17.1
SBS: 4.7


1 Seven News Seven 1.538
2 Criminal Minds Seven 1.478
3 Today Tonight Seven 1.422
4 Two and a Half Men Nine 1.405
5 Spicks and Specks ABC 1.355
6 Medical Emergency Seven 1.353
7 Crash Investigation Unit Seven 1.320
8 Two and a Half Men (Rpt) Nine 1.308
9 Home And Away Seven 1.254
10 ABC News ABC 1.221
11 Hole In The Wall Nine 1.145
12 Nine News Nine 1.141
13 A Current Affair Nine 1.138
14 Kenny’s World TEN 1.128
15 Criminal Minds (Rpt) Seven 1.109
16 The Hollowmen ABC 1.053
17 The 7.30 Report ABC 1.030
18 The New Inventors ABC 1.026
19 ABC News Update ABC 0.930m
20. Bondi Rescue: Bali TEN 0.815m
So You Think You Can Dance TEN 0.808m
Very Small Business ABC 0.758m
Fun with Dick and Jane Nine 0.748m
Taken Out TEN 0.650m

Seven: 31.6
Nine: 24.0
ABC: 21.1
TEN: 19.7
SBS: 3.5


1 Packed To The Rafters Seven 1.960
2 Find My Family Seven 1.919
3 RSPCA Animal Rescue Seven 1.748
4 Seven News Seven 1.598
5 Today Tonight Seven 1.448
6 Home And Away Seven 1.392
7 Two And A Half Men Nine (7pm) 1.303
8 All Saints Seven 1.293
9 Nine News Nine 1.283
10 Wipeout Nine 1.267
11 A Current Affair Nine 1.200
12 NCIS TEN 1.188
13 ABC News ABC1 1.149
14 Two And A Half Men Ep1 Nine 1.021
15 Two And A Half Men Ep2 Nine 1.018
16 20 To 1 Nine 0.941m
17 The Simpsons TEN 0.930m
18 The 7.30 Report ABC0.919m
19 Rush TEN 0.912m
20 Deal Or No Deal Seven 0.900m
Taken Out TEN 0.668m
Roller Derby Dolls ABC 0.628m
Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Nine 0.571m

Seven: 34.6
Nine: 25.5
TEN: 20.2
ABC: 15.4
SBS: 4.3


1. City Homicide Seven 1.789
2. The Force Seven 1.656
3. Border Security Seven 1.648
4. Seven News Seven 1.582
5. Today Tonight Seven 1.425
6. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.379
7. Home and Away Seven 1.352
8. A Current Affair Nine 1.321
9. National Nine News Nine 1.287
10. ABC News ABC 1.173
11. Bones Seven 1.150
12. Four Corners ABC 1.126
13. Australian Idol TEN 1.100
14. Media Watch ABC 0.980m
15 Enough Rope With Andrew Denton ABC1 0.954m
16 ABC News Update ABC 0.903m
17 TEN News At Five TEN 0.889m
18 Top Gear SBS 0.865m
19 Australian Story ABC1 0.848m
20 Life Of Mammals Nine 0.837m
21 90210 Ep 1 TEN 0.837m
22 Deal Or No Deal Seven 0.813m
23 Neighbours TEN 0.813m
24 The 7.30 Report ABC1 0.772m
25 Kitchen Nightmares U.S.A. Nine 0.732m
26 ABC News Update ABC 0.723m
27 The Simpsons TEN 0.676m
28 90210 Ep 2 TEN 0.666m
29 Taken Out TEN 0.656m
30 Boston Legal Seven 0.557m

Seven: 33.4
Nine: 21.8
ABC: 19.7
TEN: 17.8
SBS: 7.3


1. Seven News Seven 1.774
2. The Outdoor Room w. Jamie Durie Seven 1.356
3. 60 Minutes Nine 1.349
4. Domestic Blitz Nine 1.349
5. Dancing with the Stars Seven 1.334
6. Midsomer Murders ABC 1.271
7. National Nine News Nine 1.269
8. Australian Idol Ten 1.193
9. Doctor Who ABC 1.095
10. Outback Wildlife Rescue Seven 1.094
11. ABC News ABC 1.062
12. Thank God You’re Here Ten 1.032
13. CSI: Miami – 8:30pm Nine 1.028
14. AFL on Seven: 1st Qualifying Final Seven 0.960
15. Doctor Who: Confidential Cutdown ABC 0.853
Rove 0.845m
CSI: Miami – 9:30pm 0.838m
Criminal Minds 0.814m

Seven: 27.3
Nine: 24.8
TEN: 21.4
ABC: 20.9
SBS: 5.7

112 Responses

  1. Looks like no change in desperates on taken out next week as same female,same cloths are on for another week
    This will kill this crap for sure.
    No Idea TEN,3 weeks with same cast is way to boring for words.Same ones ending in top 3.
    Get the hint ladies

  2. Temptation has 2 months of eps recorded to screen in 2008 -we just don’t know when. 2.5 Men has done so well Nine were too nervous to drop it. In fact you could argue the comedy has ended the game show’s run as Nine cut back on its production output, and no word if it will ever return before the cameras.

  3. Are We ever going to see temptation again………. or is that so 2006?

    Has Two and a half Men Taken out the 7pm time slot…..lol Sorry i had to put that in there… lol Yes for some strange reason it does rate well but how long can it maintain these rateings for? there surely must be repeating them after repeats like they did with Frasier a few years ago. It does have a very long time life,

  4. I would assume Knight Rider will be slotted for 8.30 Thursday. Ghost Whisperer’s season final is on October 2, leaving a 2 hour hole in their schedule. So from October 9 we could see KR then Heroes at 9.30. I just hope KR doesnt become the Bionic Woman of 09 and kill off Heroes even more.

  5. Here’s to hoping The Strip drops even more next week. When it comes to Aussie cop shows, City Homicide does it a LOT better. And Ghost Whisperer is a weak link. Seven are probably riding on Knight Rider in the 8:30pm Thursday slot, hoping it will help save their Thursday nights. Luckily that debuts in 2 weeks so if they fast-track it they’ll have some new ammunition for the coming weeks. And as for Taken Out, that thing dropped to 600,000 viewers last night. It’ll probably still be on air for another couple of weeks though.

  6. I agree with the last part, and to some extent the first part. If the ratings are horrible, really horrible, by all means bump it a bit, but keep playing it until the end of season/series. But the constant switches are turning people off. I was used to it, but then i found an alternative and don’t have to anymore. I understand they are running a business, but real businesses don’t treat customers like garbage, otherwise they would go out of business very quickly. The more they stuff viewers around, the quicker that will happen. They can’t claim ignorance.

  7. I don’t think you can blame the networks for moving things around. Yes its annoying but they are businesses and with the commercial realities they face they have to move things to maximise their viewers and their revenue accordingly. I hate in when they move something I like but its never going to stop. I mean they’re not going to leave a show like Heros on at 8:30 when its rating absimally just because a certain portion of their viewers are fanatical about it. There are cases where they will keep things going for a while despite poor ratings like Make Me a Supermodel, buts its usually based on a balance between the level of viewers they are actually getting and their demographic.

    Get used to it Benno.

    People that are going to download shows on the internet are going to do it anyway so I say.

    As for T&T v ACA they continue on because people keep watching. They give the people what they want. No its not good but hey they’re part of business. They’re not going to change their game when more and more people watch them everyday for exactly what they are producing now.

  8. This week is just going from bad to worse this week for 9. To win their strongest night of the week by only 1.2% has got to be worrying. The Strip cant really afford to drop much more either. Surprising how close 7 got with such a weak lineup. Model improves, but still those numbers are quite low.

  9. Jak, the networks shifting and changing everything just due to to the competition is what i detest from them. Let them sit (although they could have gotten rid of ghost whisperer long ago by playing it out much earlier in the year). Big deal if they miss out on winning the ratings for the year by a tiny margin, them changing everything and shoddy programming is what is driving viewers away from all of them, me included. And repeats playing while brand new episodes sit in the cupboard is an insult to fans of those shows. Also, these little ‘wars’ between the networks is rather pathetic, especially with the tt vs aca.

  10. I think the Strip is going to decline even further week on week. Seven needs to put the nail in the coffin with something better than Ghost Wisperer. Even repeats of Criminal minds would destroy it I think but that might be too much CM for one week. They should do repeats of Vicar of Dibley and Kath & Kim there, they only need a few weeks of solid ratings and some saturating promotion and the Strip will be dead.

  11. Rates are a weird thing, it’s like when they do polls for elections, they check a certain number and multiply that. IMO it’s not very good but unless every people had a meter it’s all we got.

    Okay off to watch Pam on E! 😛

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