Airdate: Big Cat Diary

Lions and cheetahs and leopards -oh my...

Following the conclusion of Jamie’s Ministry of Food, TEN will next have the BBC doco series, Big Cat Diary.

Filmed over a two year period in Kenya’s Masi Mara it follows the lives of the lions, leopards and cheetahs.

Originally intended to be a one-off series in 1996, it proved so popular that a further eight series have been broadcast to date, plus occasional specials.

It airs 7:30pm Wednesday November 5th.

Press Release:
Let the lions loose in your living room!

Hailed as “the original wildlife soap opera”, this is the BBC Natural History Unit’s most ambitious outside broadcast ever.

Observed from a camp in the heart of Kenya’s magnificent Masi Mara over a two year period, Big Cat Diary follows the lives of the lions, leopards and cheetahs who inhabit the area. The series captures the fortunes of several families of leopards, lions and cheetahs, sharing their expert insights into the lives of these often elusive animals.

Join presenters Kate Silverton and local Masai guide Jackson Looseyia as they travel in specially modified 4WD vehicles tracking, spotting and filming the cats. The crew of up to 60 people and a supporting cast of crocodiles, hyenas, wildebeast and hippos, promise to bring you closer to the big cats than ever before.

Who will be the Ridge and Brooke of the Masi Mara? Tune in to find out!

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  1. I don’t care who shows the Big Cat Diary and other programs like it are always a winner in my book. Especially against Reality TV that I am so overloaded with. Glad big brother is not coming back, another waste of time. At least with these documentaries a person can learn something new and interesting.

  2. Docos didn’t do too badly under the “Sandra Sully Presents…” brand IIRC several years ago.

    I guess this means that they have nothing left on the shelf for 7:30pm though?

    I was fearing they might re-run Jamie @ Home for what would feel like the 5th time, glad its not to be.

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