Bumped: Susie (Adelaide)

Following on from WIN-owned STW9 Perth moving Susie from its daytime schedule, now NWS9 Adelaide has followed suit.

As of today the show is no longer on at 12pm but 12midnight, where it also landed in Perth.

As previously reported on TV Tonight, WIN’s own chat show has been attracting slight figures in Perth and Adelaide markets, while east coast PBL stations have added The View and The Ellen DeGeneres Show to their daytime line up.

From today The View is also now seen on STW9 at midday, giving it a consistent timeslot across the 5 key cities.

Susie, hosted by Susie Elelman, continues to screen on WIN’s regional affiliates at 1pm. This week the show features Colette Mann, Axle Whitehead, David Hobson, Max Walker and Priscilla cast members.


  1. I watched the first episode of The View and loved it! I’m glad we’re finally not missing out anymore!

    And off-topic but ET is back on and that cooking show is bumped to 11:30am or something. Not that it matters because ET just isn’t interesting anymore.

  2. i was actually talking with a friend of mine who works in the music industry saying that alot of guests will go on Susie because of how popular it is in regional areas… obviously the success doesnt translate to the cities but i wouldnt expect it to be gone from WIN anytime soon, especially since its their crown jewel along with Fishing Australia and Alive and Cooking

  3. Susie is a great idea…just don’t like her I know heaps of older people that would watch if it wasn’t for her…awful to watch but good on WIN for having a go… I am not sure if someone could be better but Susie is past her prime…if she ever had one

  4. What sort of numbers watch TV at midday? They seem to be spending an awfullly large amount of effort on a time slot that I can’t imagine is worth that much in terms of advertising revenue. Or am I missing something?

  5. Thats no good, Win need to cut a deal with Nine to show it in primetime… 2.5 Men will flop soon, maybe Susie can be the next star of the month. 🙂

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