Gone: Kath & Kim (US)

The curiosity factor is over and Aussies have voted with their eyeballs.

Channel Seven has moved quickly on lousy numbers for Kath and Kim: The American Series which fell to 729,000 viewers last night. It was down from 1.23m in its first outing.

It was beaten by 20 to 1 and an early edition of Australian Idol.

Seven will replace it with the original duo, Jane Turner and Gina Riley with the episode “Obsession” from this Sunday night. It guest stars Vince Colosimo. That means we may never get to see episodes that were entirely scripted from scratch…

In the US Kath and Kim took a 20% fall in its second week and fell to third in 18 – 49’s.

Turner & Riley are believed to be writing episodes for a new, local series.

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  1. i dont get this backlash – if everyone is watching the us version and comparing it to the aussie version – you are just showing ignorance.
    the us version IS popular… i just got back from the states and people are even talking about it in the streets – and its up against Debra Messings new show, starter wife and a tonne of other fall programming.

    its a hit – and its just shows channel 7’s lame ass programming ability and the lack of marketing ability to showcase the obvious differences and champion the fact that they are TOTALLY different shows! both great in their own right (like the office) – i will be gladly downloading the show and watching it over and over – and my eyeballs wont be pointed towards channel 7’s advertisers…. shame on them for loosing ANOTHER viewer to the internet….


  2. That was even faster than I expected. I saw a little bit of it the other night while I was waiting for something else to come on. It wasn’t in the least bit funny. Most of the sitcoms without the laugh track I usually find something to like about but this was just pathetic. I don’t like the original one either but they are completely different.

  3. well seven are obvously using the ratings as their surveys. however i do applaud the way they tell the audience that a show is gone unlike fringe, mcleods, attenbrough, ramsay, hole, wipeout, & the rest of nines shows that just dissapear

    if ur going to axe a program this is the way to do it. notify people, and relace it with a funnier, original, australian show. The fact that its a repeat shouldn’t be a issue just look at 2.5 men on wed, and thats repeat #7 and 8 of the week!

    @Kursaal, on ch7 standards 729,000 is attrocious especially on a sunday lead-in. it dropped 500k between ep. 1 and 2 who knows what would have happened next week. it was going to go later on anyway may aswel cut it early

  4. I just saw the “Back by popular demand” promo LOL I can’t remember being asked what I wanted?

    Now lets see what happens if the re-run doesn’t rate any better than the US version? I give it 2 weeks 😛

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