Not quite as foxy

Kath & Kim dropped in its second week with American viewers down from 7.5m viewers to 6m, a loss of about 20% in total viewers. It was again third behind Survivor‘s 12.9m and Ugly Betty‘s 8.2m viewers.

Entertainment Weekly, described it as a “rough evening” for NBC. “Only 6 million wanted to gawk at Molly Shannon’s tacky outfits this time around,” it said.

Variety noted: “Kim was down from its solid premiere the previous week.”

NBC comedies either side of Kath & Kim, My Name is Earl and The Office both had 7m viewers.

In the all important adults 18-49 demographics the Molly Shannon / Selma Blair comedy took a 2.5 rating, compared to Survivor‘s 4.2 and Betty’s 2.6. Last week it was second in demographics with 3.2.

CBS won the night with a 4.2 rating. ABC, 3.7, came in second, and NBC was third at 3.4. FOX and The CW tied for fourth at 1.4.

Source: AAP / The Age, zap2it, Variety


  1. Now that I’ve seen ep 2 I don’t think it was as horrendous as ep 1. Perhaps they just need to get a few episodes out of the way and let it settle more into its own thing rather than just mimic ours which the first episode did.

    Although interesting that the second episode was one that the Americans had apparently written, though there were a number of references there that were just taken from ours. For instance, Hair Esteddfod = Promenade?

  2. Why did Jina and Jane waste their time over in the US.
    They should have een over here making new Kath and Kim. They say they have four and a half episodes already planned. Well we should have been watching them a couple of months ago but I guess money and fame came before there loyal fans in Australia who made them. *shakes head*
    Wake up Jina and Jane!

  3. well i guess we all expected this, could have been much worse.

    when it airs in Aus on sunday it will probably have dropped a bit aswell i’d say to just over 1mil i guess the curiosity factor has gone now esp. because ch7 did not show it in the promo

  4. Fox have been having a shocking Thursday night for a while, especially hole in the wall. And i thought that half an hour of it here was enough…

    I think the drop is quite natural due to the nature of pilots, but if it drops further then that will be the real test. CSI also dropped 4 million since last weeks premiere.

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