“Ok swim out!”

On Survivor Jeff Probst must really expect solid swimming skills, based on this aerial shot.

“Ok swim out” Survivor host Jeff Probst told contestants this week after doing a (un)favourite challenge of trying to remain afloat beneath bars as the rising tide slowly envelops them.

But it was this aerial shot of the distance of the challenge from the shoreline that grabbed my eye.

Wait. Swim out from there?

To where, Jeff?

You can see the tiny challenge platform in the centre of the image.

Swimming ability is a prerequisite for Survivor contestants but that distance -even if the shoreline is just out of frame- looks like a might effort, especially after such a gruelling challenge.

You’d hope crew arrive in a boat to pick up the cast from the water, but it isn’t the narrative the show suggests.

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  1. Thank you for also picking this up! I run a Survivor pool and do weekly episode summaries (complete with animations) and also commented on this. It was nice to see the contestants dropped off at the platform by taxi-boat. Surely they’d be heading back the same way?!

  2. That is a long way to swim, especially after competing in a grueling challenge, as the contestants did. I can’t tell for certain, but it looks like there is a decent sized vessel traveling in the upper left hand corner of the picture. I would be greatly concerned if the contestants are being made to swim long distances in bodies of water that see frequent vessel traffic without proper precautions.

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