Hamish & Andy to TEN’s rescue

After weeks of ailing Wednesday nights, it was Hamish & Andy who came to TEN’s rescue last night. Their Re-Gifted special nabbed 1.13m viewers, second in its slot. It was light years ahead of recent shows including Big Cat Diary, Futurama, Jamie’s Ministry of Food and Bondi Rescue: Bali. They frequently hovered between 500,000 – 700,000 viewers.

The success of the two might well prompt TEN to look at more for the Austereo duo in 2009, which would be ironic given their previous attempts at a TV show haven’t fired and it was radio that became their salvation.

But the strong lead-in still didn’t help House much, at a disappointing 830,000 viewers. It was trounced by Spicks and Specks’ finale with 1.22m and Criminal Minds on 1.20m. Nine’s Mentalist slipped under the 1m mark at 957,000 viewers.

Nine’s decision to re-launch Big Bang Theory cost it dearly. The 8pm Wednesday slot has been its hero lately, with repeats of Two and a Half Men charting nearly 1.5m viewers. Big Bang took 983,000 viewers. Maybe it will build with time.

Seven’s The Unit, again attempted as a 9:30pm show, also didn’t score, at 661,000 -half its lead in.

Week 47


  1. House IMO is as good as ever,perhaps better and the season finale was the best tv I have ever seen. The issue is they messed with a successful formula and it turned some people off. But as I say it’s as good as ever just a tad more complex then it use to be. And if you look at the demos it’s mostly the over 55s who have tuned out and really they don’t matter.

  2. The 2.5 Men “problem” is by Nines own making showing it so much during the year that people don’t want to try anything else. Big band it a good show, in every way as good as 2.5 men and if Nine does right it might build an audiance during the summer, they do have about 20 new eps to play with.

  3. Yep – with their lead in up 103% week on week – House really should’ve improved more than 10%. Viewers are not liking what they see obviously.

    I feel a bit sorry for Ten. It seemed to just die out overnight.

  4. That’s being a little short sighted though as it may build to a solid 1m+ audience given time. A small drop off this time of the year wouldn’t be much of an issue. And as Matt said without H&A 2.5 Men would be up around it’s usual 1.4m and TBBT would have cleared 1m easily with wins in the important demos to boot.

  5. Matt the 8pm Wed slot always went up from the 7:30pm slot. I actually like what I’ve seen of TBBT but so far the move to it before summer has cost them.

    Russell, it’s interesting to see that even with a decent lead-in House isn’t hitting its highs anymore. Seems people have tired of the formula, cast changes and looking at alternatives.

  6. think you were a bit harsh on big bang theory. 2.5 men was under 1.2m last night, big drop from the past few weeks (maybe they flocked to hamish and andy instead?)

    channel 9 will be happy with just under a million especially seeing as summers coming and the ratings race is over. plenty of time to see if it builds or not. solid but not unspectacular.

  7. “But the strong lead-in still didn’t help House much, at a disappointing 830,000 viewers”

    “House” was actually up over 10% week on week, while “Spicks” was down 3% and “The Mentalist” was down 4%

    “Criminal Minds” was up about 2% week on week.

    But you are right, House didn’t see nearly as large a week on week growth at the 7.30 lead in hour on Ten . “Hamish & Andy” was up a massive 103% on “Futurama” last week!

  8. At least Hamish and Andy actually have some comic talent as opposed to all the other so called comedians like Rove and the others on his show like that hideous Dave Hughes … maybe Hamish and Andy deserve their own show!

    As for The Mentalist … slipping ratings?? What a surprise …not!
    Now watch Nine blame the show instead of admitting that their decision to move it to Wednesday nights was a really stupid idea … pathetic!


  9. I think your right it’sross the main reason it was funny was that they were clips from Rove where they work well as a side act. Some of the stuff was hilarious but I doubt that they would be as funny on a regular basis with their own show.

  10. Hope they on TEN more next year! Loved their show last night – they never fail to make me laugh! Good to see TEN get ratings they deserve.

    I still cant believe 2.5 men rates so highly. I hate that show..

  11. I don’t mind they’re trying new stuff in BBT and The Unit, it doesn’t really matter that its not rating as highly as ancient repeats as its nearing the summer anyway.

  12. Watching all the rerun bits was funny, but I felt their hosting abilities and the lame Christmas theme parody were a drag. They seem to fit on TV more as a side kick as on Rove, for me personally at lease, and while I was once a huge fan of H&A and the austereo show, their jokes are starting to feel predictive and repetitive.

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