Week 45


1. Seven News Seven 1.285m 2. Nine News Saturday Nine 1.014m 3. ABC News ABC 0.950m 4. Australia's Funniest Home Video Show Nine 0.933m 5. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit Seven 0.848m

The race that tops the nation

Top 100 Week 45
Pay TV Top 100 Week 45
ASTRA Week 45


1. Seven News Seven 1.285m
2. Nine News Saturday Nine 1.014m
3. ABC News ABC 0.950m
4. Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show Nine 0.933m
5. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit Seven 0.848m
6. Rough Diamond ABC 0.830m
7. The Bill ABC 0.812m
8. ABC News Update ABC 0.805m
9. TEN News At Five TEN 0.727m
10. The Prince & Me Seven 0.683m
The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift TEN 0.632m
Rugby League World Cup Nine 0.404m
Rockwiz SBS 0.336m

Seven: 25.0
Nine: 24.9
ABC: 22.4
TEN: 19.2
SBS: 8.5


1. Better Homes And Gardens Seven 1.432
2. Seven News Seven 1.298
3. Today Tonight Seven 1.143
4. Home And Away Seven 1.137
5. Two And A Half Men Nine 1.097
6. Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Nine 1.076
7. Nine News Nine 1.062
8. Taggart ABC 1.049
9. ABC News ABC 1.019
10. A Current Affair Nine 0.979m
Transporter 2 Seven 0.829m
Murphy’s Law ABC 0.624m
X-Men: The Last Stand TEN 0.592m
Ice Road Truckers TEN 0.573m

Seven/ Nine: 28.6
ABC: 20.0
TEN: 17.9
SBS: 4.9


1. Seven News Seven 1.329
2. Today Tonight Seven 1.283
3. Law & Order: CI TEN 1.211
4. Home And Away Seven 1.203
5. The Amazing Race Seven 1.015
6. Two And A Half Men Nine 0.997m
7. ABC News ABC 0.995m
8. Make Me A Supermodel Seven 0.985m
9. Getaway Nine 0.968m
10. Bones Seven 0.942m
11. The 7.30 Report ABC 0.926m
12. Nine News Nine 0.903m
13. A Current Affair Nine 0.879m
14. RPA Nine 0.838m
15. The Strip Nine 0.834m
16. Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? TEN 0.805m
17. Ben Chifley’s Battle For Coal ABC 0.795m
18. Law And Order: SVU TEN 0.790m
19. Neighbours TEN 0.786m
20. Catalyst ABC 0.782m
Johnny O’Keefe: The Wild One 0.620m
Will & Grace 0.576m
Heroes 0.477m
ABC News Breakfast 0.006m

Seven: 29.2
Nine: 25.3
TEN: 22.9
ABC: 18.2
SBS: 4.4


1. Seven News Seven 1.604
2. Criminal Minds Seven 1.519
3. Two And A Half Men 8pm Nine 1.495
4. Two And A Half Men 7:30pm Nine 1.471
5. Today Tonight Seven 1.337
6. ABC News ABC 1.259
7. Two And A Half Men 7pm Nine 1.240
8. Home And Away Seven 1.229
9. Nine News Nine 1.219
10. Spicks and Specks ABC 1.216
11. Crash Scene Investigators Seven 1.168
12. Criminal Minds 9.30pm Seven 1.162
13. A Current Affair Nine 1.139
14. The 7.30 Report ABC 1.090m
15. Ten News At Five TEN 0.864m
16. The New Inventors ABC 0.838m
17. Deal Or No Deal Seven 0.814m
18. Neighbours TEN 0.787m
19. Stupid Stupid Man ABC 0.757m
20. Talladega Nights Nine 0.695m
Life 9:30pm 0.607m
Life 8:30pm 0.599m
Big Cat Diary 0.559m
Will & Grace 0.522m
ABC News Special: US Election Special 0.192m
Seven News Special – America Decides: Election 2008 0.183m
Nine Afternoon News  0.182m
Newstopia SBS 0.167m
Nine News Special: US Election 0.157m
America Decides: Presidential Election Result Live 2008 (SBS) 0.082m
ABC News Special: US Election Coverage (ABC) 0.081m
ABC News Breakfast 0.010m

Seven: 32.6
Nine: 26.2
ABC: 19.8
TEN: 16.0
SBS: 5.3


1. Melbourne Cup-The Race Seven 2.156
2. Packed To The Rafters Seven 2.067
3. Find My Family Seven 1.783
4. The Zoo Seven 1.721
5. Seven News Seven 1.515
6. Home And Away Seven 1.416
7. Today Tonight Seven 1.333
8. All Saints Seven 1.295
9. NCIS TEN 1.239
10. Two And A Half Men 7pm Nine 1.172
11. Nine News Nine 1.160
12. 2008 Melbourne Cup Carnival Late Seven 1.159
13. ABC News ABC 1.144
14. A Current Affair Nine 1.068m
15. The Chopping Block Nine 0.962m
16. 20 To 1 Nine 0.944m
17. The Simpsons TEN 0.932m
18. The 7.30 Report ABC 0.907m
19. Rush TEN 0.886m
20. Deal Or No Deal Seven 0.866m
Two and a Half Men 8.30 0.822m
Two and a Half Men 9pm 0.807m
Kenny’s World 0.806m
ABC News Breakfast 0.012m

Seven: 36.9
Nine: 23.3
TEN: 21.0
ABC: 14.2
SBS: 4.6


1. Seven News Seven 1.371
2. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Nine 1.318
3. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.265
4. Today Tonight Seven 1.248
5. A Current Affair Nine 1.202
6. Home and Away Seven 1.198
7. City Homicide Seven 1.167
8. Nine News Nine 1.148
9. ABC News ABC 1.132
10. Til Death Nine 1.032
11. Bones Seven 1.002
12. The Rich List Seven 0.966m
13. Australian Idol TEN 0.965m
14. Australian Story ABC 0.950m
15. The 7:30 Report ABC 0.934m
Cold Case 0.832m
Good News Week 0.826m
Neighbours 0.801m
Four Corners 0.794m
Deal or No Deal 0.698m
Top Gear Australia 0.653m
Will and Grace 0.610m
Supernatural 0.581m
Antiques Roadshow 0.515m
Sunrise 0.413m
Today 0.257m
The Morning Show 0.202m
Mornings with Kerri-Anne 0.128m
9AM with David and Kim 0.078m
ABC News Breakfast 0.008m

Nine: 28.0
Seven: 27.5
ABC: 19.2
TEN: 18.5
SBS: 6.8


1. Dancing With The Stars Seven 1.384
2. Seven News Seven 1.370
3. Australian Idol TEN 1.218
4. 60 Minutes Nine 1.181
5. 20 To 1 Nine 1.132
6. Kath & Kim Seven 1.101
7. Nine News Nine 1.101
8. Rove TEN 1.048
9. ABC News ABC 1.018
10. The Outdoor Room Seven 1.005
11. Rugby League World Cup Nine 0.900m
12. Trek: Spy On The Wildebeest ABC 0.870m
13. A Touch Of Frost Seven 0.825m
14. Thank God You’re Here TEN 0.783m
15. NCIS TEN 0.738m
16. TEN News At Five TEN 0.737m
17. Gideon’s Daughter ABC 0.659m
18. Sports Tonight TEN 0.651m
19. The Einstein Factor ABC 0.646m
20. ABC News Up-Date ABC 0.641m
Californication TEN 0.448m
Who Do You Think You Are? SBS 0.253m
First Australians SBS 240m
The Office TEN 0.237m
2008 Boyer Lecture By Rupert Murdoch ABC 0.220m

Seven: 29.4
Nine: 28.0
TEN: 22.7
ABC: 15.7
SBS: 4.2

138 Responses

  1. I’m at a loss in understanding how the ratings can be viewed as even close to accurate when it comes to shows like Supernatural. I know there is a huge audience out there for this show yet it doesn’t reflect in the ratings each week. I have to wonder if the sample taken is a fair representation of the viewing public because not one of the dozens and dozens of very mixed demographic viewers that I know who watch this show have ever been part of the ratings sample.

  2. hey david, just want to know if your able to put up ten news at 5’s ratings for tonight 2mrw, im just curious to know whether the more aussies tuned in because of the news on the bali bombings. cheers m8

  3. I think that Breakfast should be on ABC1 instead, because some viewers don’t have access to digital TVs like my parents. I have an analog TV myself but I get ABC2 anyway because I brought one of those DVD recorders that has a digital TV tuner built into it.

    Also, ABC1 is where the ABC’s main news programs are, and shifting Breakfast into 06:00 to 09:00 each day on ABC1 will help improve its ratings. The ABC can show children’s programs for three hours after that. What do you think about this.

  4. Young Doctors @ 7pm! I forgot all about that. H&A needs another shock to get back on track. Echo Point brought Bobby back to the Bay. Alisa has also come back. Maybe Roo could come back this time?

  5. Saturday was a pretty poor night; only 2 shows getting over 1 mil. I see Wipeout failed in the 7:30 Sat position; it was a repeat anyway, that may explain it. Eng vs. NZ appeared to absolutely bomb. 2.5 men is sure to be going down the gurgler in the next few months, expect it to be on even more in summer; maybe 7pm to 8pm nightly?

  6. Sorry, but I have to jump on the Supernatural bandwagon too. It may be targeted at a specific audience, but it actually appeals to a broad range of ages and both genders, if my family is any indication. We are huge fans of the show, having watched every episode of every season, and with ages ranging from 16 years to 60, there’s not a 12 year old in sight. That includes both 20yr old and 57yr old males, who enjoy the show just as much as the females.

    The show has developed from its early days of the hunting heroes’ random battling of evil spirits, into a well-developed and compelling story arc where all Hell literally breaks loose. The show is extremely clever, with a wicked sense of humour, and switches easily from light to dark. Episodes such as Mystery Spot from Season 3 and last week’s Season 4 episode Yellow Fever must rate as absolute classics, and if you think that the supernatural element is not heavy enough, then I guess you missed it when the beast-emerging-in-Sam beheaded a hunter-turned-vampire with a piece of wire. That the lead actors are impossibly good-looking and so charismatic is just an added bonus, and the fact that they, and the show itself, are prepared to not take themselves too seriously is delightful. (I will never ever stop enjoying Dean screaming at the cat).

    That the show is drawing modest ratings is probably the result of viewers such as Richo TB writing the show off after watching a few episodes of the first season. That it’s now in its fourth season endorses it’s appeal and popularity and proves that it’s doing something right. It’s a shame that there’s a potential audience out there that just don’t realise what they’re missing.

  7. Yes nick you are right about Aussie dramas needing a decent go here are a couple of examples that I know about that proved that Aussie shows need a decent go

    1 neighbors
    When it was canned by seven channel 10 picked it up and it was still struggling so much so that channel 10 were dusting off mash repeats but they gave neighbors more of a chance and it took off and almost 25 years later it is still going

    2 home and away
    Home and away was not exactly a ratings hit when it first started and was almost canned by seven but I think they changed the timeslots around a bit and it took off and over 20 years later it is still running

    3 a country practice
    Channel seven aired this in the non ratings period of 1981 thinking it would flop but it was a massive hit from the start

  8. I think it would be safe to say that SN is targeted to women aged between 18-34, given that is the prime target for the CW. 12-14 year olds don’t make much money for advertisers in prime time anyway.

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