Airdate: Flashpoint

Nine's new Canadian-based action drama, which has received good buzz in the US, begins next month.

Updated: Nine has amended the premiere date, to now begin with aΒ  1 hr ‘Sneak Peek’ 8:30pm Sunday Jan 18.

Nine’s new Canadian-based action drama, which has received good buzz in the US, begins next month.

Flashpoint follows an elite metropolitan police force called the Strategic Response Unit (SRU) which resolves extreme situations including hostage taking, bomb threats and heavily armed criminals. Even though they’re backed with high-tech equipment with an arsenal of explosives, tasers, submachine guns, assault and sniper rifles, the SRU operators use their intuition to voice their judgements to resolve the situation.

Sounds like a good pre-cursor to Sea Patrol then Rescue Squad.

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  1. Great, another CBS cop show on Nine, only this one originally aired in Canada. Its a slightly different spin on an already overpopulated genre. If they are going to air this, they may as well debut it next week instead of CIA/CSI repeats, surely its worth a shot.

  2. the promos that 9 have for this are quite mediocre. i instantly wrote it off as unintrested.

    the fact that a show rates well in the US is absolutely no hint towards its sucess in Aus. just look at the US ratings for CSI, fringe and the mentalist: they are quite a hit. here in aus they are all floptacular. whats more, they’re all on 9.

    i expect to see this fall into 10:30/HD/summer after a few weeks and replaced with 2.5 men.

    and for those of you comparing it to rush, keep in mind that this show has a huge budget, unlike rush, and it is an import; so u’d expect it to be a great amount better. and from what i saw on youtube it isn’t.

  3. Yep, CSI is no where near the powerhouse it once was. I wouldn’t be surprised if new episodes of Bones could beat new eps of CSI now, based on how the Bones repeats are flogging CSI rpts at the moment. Unfortunately, from what i’ve seen, Flashpoint isn’t very good, expect poor ratings and to be dumped after a few weeks.

  4. i’m with lee, CSI’s ratings were a trainwreck on mondays. it will do much better on sundays. even if the new episodes did maintain 1.3 (which it didn’t, not sure where ur getting ur information knoxoverstreet) thats still not good. it used to get 1.5-1.6 on sundays.

    given the way fringe and mentalist have turned out on 9 (both getting good numbers in the states, not so good in aus) i wouldn’t be hopeful for flashpoint or 11th hour.

  5. lee CSI got roughly 1.3m each night it was on monday though it may have gotten 1.2m ish now and then. And it also dominated CH in the 18-49/25-54 demos which are all that matter. Did well IMO.

  6. knoxoverstreet, CSI never performed “well” on a monday, especially for CSI standards, a show which is regarded as one of the ever decreasing 9 powercards.

    sure it premiered to 1.3 but the new eps dropped to 1.1 throughout its run. new episodes couldn’t even beat year old repeats of city homicide except for 2 close occasions. even with a lead in of 1.6 from domestic blitz it still only managed 1.1. by the end it wasn’t even winning the demos. for a show that used to get over 2 mil and was the best rating show on 9, i’m sure it is a long cry from “performing well”.

    on a brighter note it did take a few 100k’s from CH. so in moving back to sunday it will be good for CSI’s ratings but will hand viewers back to City homicide in time for new episodes.

  7. CSI performed well it got around 1.3m IIRC and dominated in the all important under 50’s.

    And NK it actually has Elliot DeMoro in it πŸ™‚ This show looks like another winner for Nine but every time I see Enrico I expect to see Finch playing a joke on him πŸ™‚

    I think Nine may leave CSI on sunday perhaps followed by 11th Hour a new Bruckheimer hit that follows CSI in the states.

  8. so its up against bones & probably city homicide. very brave, but if CSI didn’t perform against CH not sure if this will. bones also has a strong audience built so not sure if people will swap.

    but all crime shows take a while to build an audience so they are smart to start it in the summer. it will be difficult to promote a “new crime drama” in such few weeks, it doesnt get people excited like it used to.

  9. It’s a lot like Rush, except it got there first and has Veronica Mars’s dad in it πŸ™‚

    It’s actually a lot better than you make it sound, David πŸ™‚ Being a Canadian production cashed up with American money (but, crucially, not idiot US crime-show staff) it’s extremely stylishly made and, like Rush, is as much about the characters as it is about the plot, and not as much about the crime as it is about the people doing it and their reasons, as well as the consequences of it all. Jerry Bruckheimer, who appears to have had a second lobotomy in recent years judging by his output, should take note of both shows.

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