Auditions: World’s Strictest Parents

Seven is looking for 12 Aussie teenagers to spend 10 days in Africa, Asia, America or Europe living with somebody else’s parents.

World’s Strictest Parents seeks 16 and 17yo’s willing to “a different family on the other side of the world.”

Both parents and teenagers must complete the application. To apply (and nobody is suggesting you do!) visit Seven’s website.

Do you spend more time in the principal’s office than the library?
Want to get out of home and test drive a different family on the other side of the world for free?

We’re looking for 12 Aussie teenagers to spend 10 adventurous days in Africa, Asia, America or Europe.

We’ll be filming the experience to create an exciting new Australian television series.

If you’re aged 16 or 17 and ready for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity then please apply here!

All questions must be answered.
Only applicants who’ll be aged 16 or 17 after 1 January 2009 will be considered.
BOTH applications forms MUST be received, with the Parents’ application form filled in by your parent/guardian.

To apply by email
Download the application forms for both teenagers and parents, fill them out with all fields completed and email it with a recent photo to [email protected]

To apply by post
Download the application forms for both teenagers and parents, fill them out with all fields completed and mail it to us with a recent photo at
A Cast of Thousands
Screen Australia, 101 Eton Road
Lindfield NSW 2070


  1. i have a 16 year old &would love the oppurtunity for him to have somr time with the worlds stricktest parents. he started getting in trouble at the age of 13, wrong crowd drinking drugs wagging school running away being totally disrespectul not only to myself his stepdad and younger sisiters.he has been verbally and physically abusive to myself and othersat one stage launching at us with knives. ive tried everything to help him but nothing seems to work, his sisters love him but are always on edge when his around as we all are as you never know when he will snap. his out of school and currently sleeping on peoples couchs and his girlfriends house. his been cautioned by police at least five times and is now waiting to go to court on several different charges. please help

    • I have already advised people to contact Seven not my site for specific requests. As people are not taking any notice of my advice I am forced to close Comments. Thanks.

  2. Hi my friend Katie Peachman is in need of help she does not listen to her mother and she doesn’t have a father to tell her what to do. her mother trys to take charge but katie does’nt listen. her mother is too busy with her aunty which has a disabilty. As her friend i am very concerned about her and have tryed talking to her but she tells me to F off. Shes only 17 and is always goin out running a muck and hanging with the wrong croud. She is waging school and is getting into stuff e.g drinking, and drugs which she should’nt be doing at that age plz help as im afraid of what will happen to her.

  3. Hello,

    My name is rebecca, and my brother needs some help. my mother and father are at their witts and are not sure what to do anymore. he scares me and i’m his older sister, my mum hasn’t got the best health and he doesn’t care about that which worrys me because she stays here for him and i’m worried about my dad aswell.
    my brother is twelve he smokes, drinks, has been suspended more than what he has been at school, suspected for taking drugs, walks the streets at night, threatens kids – teachers- parents & family, hits people, steals, disrespectful, damages property plus much more.

    We would appreciate you’re help and we are in great need. we don’t know what to do anymore and we want to help him before it’s too late.



  4. Hello. I have been trying to find out how I can get my 16 year old son on the worlds strictest parents show.
    He is running amuck and getting into all sorts of trouble. His older brother is in prison and I am afraid that if he does not stop his bad behaviour and settle down then he will follow in his footsteps.

    Please can some one help me.

  5. Will you make exceptions on age? i have a 14 year old doing drugs,drinking and having sex,and just dose not care about anything or any one its all about her Oh and steels refuses to go to school and the list goes on.. She needs serious help I’ve tried everything…

  6. The guy who host the show came to my town for people to audition last week, I might be going on it lol, something I never really tend to doing to conform but oh well.

  7. Is this show still being made in Australia and if so, how do you put your teen up for audition???

  8. I loved the changes Jono has made. He was a spoilt brat at the beginning of the show then seemed to get something out of it. I loved how he got on so well with Porsha

  9. how is watching wet paint dry painful?
    why would you find this site just to rag on people and tell everyone you wont be watching the show again?
    no one cares

  10. Dear brunette, all i can say is im sorry that you are a geek, and you feel the need to come on here to talk about me, I’m flattered and a little creeped out but yeah thanks

  11. kristie vickers

    hello brunette can you contact me on face book because i wish to find baylie. our family’s were close untill she moved in with her grandparents. we would like to invite molly her mother and johnny her brother over for a catch up dinner..please this would be a great gift for my mum for her 40th birthday


    Kristie Vickers