Camp as Christmas

Britannia High premieres tomorrow night on Seven, and if the first episode is anything to go by, it’s Britain’s own attempt at a High School Musical.

Sadly, it doesn’t have any of the edge of Fame, the hit 1980s movie, which spawned a successful television movie. That tale is also set to have a remake with Kelsey Grammer, Bebe Neuwirth and, in a return appearance, Debbie Allen.

Brittania High from ITV, owes more to SClub7 than it does to American musicals. It’s high on cheesy songs, many written by Take That’s Gary Barlow, and hitmaker Guy Chambers. It features a youthful, exuberant case (including Skins’ Mitch Hewer with a hairdo to rival Craig MacLachlan) miming their way through vapid scenes and songs, often in the centre of London.

Aussie Adam Garcia also has a dreadfully-executed role as a dance teacher.

In the UK the series hasn’t fired, although ITV claims it’s #1 in its demo.

Britannia High premieres 6:30pm Saturday on Seven, followed by the even more dire Dance Machine.

Check brains at the door.


  1. I don’t think Adam Garcia was as horrible as you suggest. I loved the show and will be following it each week. I’m glad that there’s something worthwhile for me to watch on Saturday nights. Mitch Hewer does play a good part and the opening song ‘Start of Something’ is quite catchy.

    It seemed like a sort of homage to High School Musical’s first opening number ‘Start of Something New’, only the name I mean not the actual song.

    Can’t wait for the next ep.

  2. I knew it was Adam Garcia. OMG! I love that guy.

    This isnt a bad show. Reminds me a bit of Raise Your Voice (the movie) but yeah. I like it. I’ll def be watching it every week (if it is a weekly thing) 🙂

  3. This does look terrible and identical to I, Dream that was aired on ABC. Unthreatening female leads and sexually confused males miming to forgettable Europop trash and tired dance routines.

    The key word is indeed camp. This will be enjoyable for young girls but torture for everyone else and as you put Dance Machine (give it a week) will be awful.

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