Gone: The Ex List, Big Cat Diary

It's almost harder to keep track of summer schedules than ratings season.

It’s almost harder to keep track of summer schedules than ratings season.

TEN has dropped The Ex-List from Monday nights effective immediately.

Mon Dec 15
7:30pm How To Look Good Naked
8:30pm Law & Order: Criminal Intent
9:30pm Army Wives
10:30pm Out Of The Blue

Saturdays it’s also dropped Big Cat Diary, The Wedge and Orange Roughies.
Sat Dec 13
6:30pm Saturday Night Movie – Back To The Future Part II
8:40pm Saturday Night Movie – The Siege
11:10pm Saturday Late Night Movie – Days Of Thunder
1:10am Crime Files

This week TEN also said it will be swapping Law & Order:CI (now Thu 9:30pm) and Law & Order: SVU (now 8:30pm).

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  1. I am very disappointed that ‘ex list’ has been canned. I was really looking forward to it last week and then foolishly assumed that it was on Sunday night and I had missed it.

    Its quirky and light hearted exactly what is need on a Monday. I had also told about 6 people who were planing to watch as well.

    I am so sick of reality tv and love a little trash in my life

  2. if you look online its still listed at the ten site, the ex-list that is. so they might come back to it.
    you can just down load the other two eps if the dont.
    BCD aired on abc ages ago so you could prob just buy it at the abc store.
    CH 10 stop swapping and changing.

  3. I’m truly disappointed. The ex list is the only show that really made me laugh out loud right now. I was waiting to see it yesterday (my Monday was no longer blue Monday because of it). This is crazy with no warnings should have at least finished episode 4 as the state did.

  4. I liked the ex-list, it was just some light entertainment for a monday night after the weekend. I’m sick of the detective shows and murder on tv, and so many repeats. Why not keep it on over the summer even it is on a later time. Is it any wonder we are turning off our tv’s or getting foxtel and not watching free to air channels anymore when you don’t keep things on and keep changing the times. So what if it doesn’t attract a million viewers, I know a lot of peoplw who are disappointed it’s no longer on.

  5. i was crushed when i saw the ex-list wasn’t on tonight!
    i was just begining to like that and elizabeth reaser is like my only conection to twilight on this tv!!
    and why did they drop 90210 too! that had kellan lutz…give them a shot!!
    and eww get rid of bold and the beautiful!!!

  6. Bring back The Ex List!
    It was a decent show, unlike the majority of the other crap TEN and other networks put up during non ratings season.

    Pretty soon television will be forcing its viewers to download un-aired episodes. Well, it’s already starting with unfinished seasons of Supernatural, etc.
    So much for wanting to eliminate downloading.

  7. Aah, I just came online to see why it wasn’t on tonight. That’s really disappointing. It’s non-ratings for pete’s sake. They can’t show a little compassion? Or late night viewing? This just furthers my theory that television is useless. In the future, I’m just going to bypass them to download everything illegally.

  8. I’m so angry that Ex List has been dumped. It is the only interesting new show on TV. Wise up TEN and give shows a chance before you continue to barage us with more of the same crime show dross A bit of variety in programming wouldn’t go astray.

  9. wtf??? this is so shit!!
    we organised slumbers around this tv show and they jst cut it on us for some crap aussie drama…again. No one cares for cheap aussir drama’s – they suck! i’d rather watch my self bleed to death then watch them. get some talent.
    so angry ch ten. i prefer ch seven anyways…

  10. Where was the memo? I really liked the show and was looking forward to The Ex List. It’s the only good thing I have on Mondays. Thanks for taking what little happiness I had in my life away, Channel Ten programming geniuses. You guys are as fickle as a 13-year-old girl picking out an outfit. Just pick one and go with it!! There’s a reason why radios over play a song; they usually end up becoming #1 hits.

  11. Channel Ten is the only channel I really watch but then they go and axe most of their shows! what’s with the boring and beautiful at 6pm? I am glad that there’s no more simpsons repeats but you could have put something a little better then that in the 6pm slot. And as for The Ex List, I was just getting into that and then find out that youve gone and axed that too!
    and what happened to Supernatural? Bring Supernatural back!!

    Oh and what’s with Out of The Blue? Christ that show looks like S**t!!

    and I think Arm Wives is a disgrace to our men fighting for our country…

  12. i really likes the ex list! and i wanted to see it… can’t they just play it over summer… i dont think it was given a good enough chance, 2 eps isnts enough!!! i was really like it!!!!! please bring it back on ch 10! they are playing the american kath and kim at 11… surely its better than that!!!
    please play it again!

  13. As Neon Kitten was trying to say, if it was truly ‘non-ratings’, they would let 600-800k slide by until the official ‘ratings’ starts up. The fact that they change shows just as much as official ‘ratings’ defies the true meaning of ‘non-ratings’.

  14. “Mitch, there is actually no such thing as “non ratings”.”

    I’m pretty sure there is, considering they’re not counted in the official ratings for the year. That’s what “non-ratings” means.

    “You’ll notice that they’re still making programming decisions based on… yep, overnight ratings.”

    Yes, because as I originally said, they still need to make money. What’s your point? You’re just saying what I’m saying.

  15. Back To The Future Part II – for the 400th time on TEN…

    I hope TiVos have the intelligence of WOPR to keep up with these programming changes, because it’s becoming humanly impossible!

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