Merlin wins second season

Good news for Channel TEN with word that the BBC has confirmed Merlin will return for a second series.

Good news for Channel TEN with word that the BBC has confirmed Merlin will return for a second series.

Head of drama for BBC Wales Julie Gardner said: “We are thrilled that audiences have entered into the magical world of Camelot and Merlin has been such a big hit on Saturday nights. It has performed outstandingly well.

“The cast have entertained and enchanted a whole new generation with this fresh and modern retelling of a classic British legend.”

The first episode previewed by TV Tonight was like Smallville set in Camelot: fast, sexy, CGI-laden, and revelling in its fantasy. If you also liked Supernatural or Primeval this will be right up your alley.

Merlin is one of TEN’s bright hopes for 2009.

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. thumbs up!!!! this show brings out the magic every night…with a bit touch of comedy along the way, really makes it appealing to all ages….keep it up guys…season 2 pls…..

  2. I love Supernatural, though not a fan of Smallville. I did manage to watch the first episode of Merlin and I am absolutely head over heels in love with it. I like the whole ‘new take on a legend’ thing. I really enjoyed it.

    But I don’t have much hope for it if it’s airing on Channel 10. Going by the way they’re treated other new series’, I just have a bad feeling that well…Merlin is probably going to be dumped, unfortunately. 10 won’t give it the chance it deserves.

    And, I would really like to know when it is showing as well. There haven’t been ads for it recently…so I’m wondering if it will be around now, or if they’ll show it later on in the year. Though I’ll probably end up watching it all elsewhere…

  3. I simply cannot wait to see this but I doubt it’ll be around long if it’s on 10. I’m glad it’s already been renewed as I can see that there’s no way I won’t love the show.

    I guess I’ll have to result in different methods of obtaining the show because I have no faith whatsoever in 10.

  4. Yech. I hate Smallville. Hopefully it’s not that lame. Although I like Supernatural and Arthurian legend, so… It’s perfect for my little sister though, she’ll absolutely love it (although we won’t be waiting around until 2009 when Ten will eventually dump it like Torchwood to watch)

  5. Good news for Merlin. But I really don’t care about Aussie TV station anymore and their acquisitions of new series. They always treat them like crap. From next year I am downloading every show I’m interesting in.

  6. i love smallville, supernatural and primeval and the sam neill merlin miniseries is an all time favourite of mine so i’m shaping up to be a die-hard fan of this i think. so please 10 for the love of god put it in an 8:30 or 9:30 timeslot, on a monday, tuesday, wednesday or thursday, give it stacks of advertising (appropriate advertising that doesn’t mislead unlike what you did with torchwood) and i am pleading with you to leave it in the same timeslot and run through the whole season in 1 go. and if you want people to tune in don’t put it up against big competition, also mention in the ads that you promise to let the season run properly because if you don’t no one will trust you to treat this any better than the last 100 shows.

  7. It would be wrong to class this as Sci-fi … it is “Legend” with Sci-Fi quality effects but it is deeply based on some versions of the Arthurian Legends that most people know and it has a very clear “christian versus magic” theme that adds to the depth of this brilliant show. Sci-Fi shows such as Stargate may incorporate these and Egyptian mythology into their shows but the always make the legend out to be about aliens, where as this is just like they did with Robin Hood … building on the legend and giving it a modern day flavour …
    brilliant show … and wait till about Ep 4 when Lancelot appears!


  8. well there are three types of shows that aren’t working in aus at the moment: serials, sci-fis, and UK (even US) shows. so i don’t really see a UK serial sci-fi rating very well, but we may have an exception here.

  9. Yes! Great news! I love this series!

    I don’t agree, however with the comparison to Supernatural or Primeval … it compares better to Doctor Who (because of the many production and cast crossovers) in quality and also similar but much better than Robin Hood … all from the brilliant team at BBC Wales. Certainly similar to Smallville but in a much more well rounded and elegant English way!

    It is clearly a Family show (as is Doctor Who) and fits perfectly on Saturday at 7pm as does Doctor Who. I think it would be better on the ABC.

    One very clear warning to Channel 10 … put it on and leave it on for at least four weeks without any change of time or day … Don’t stuff this up like usual!


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