Nine: ‘inebriated’ Andrew O’Keefe film sold

Channel Seven is believed to have paid $25,000 for an amateur video of network star Andrew O’Keefe allegedly drunk on the streets of Melbourne.

According to News Limited, a Melbourne bouncer had been hawking the footage around to the major networks and that when Nine made inquiries yesterday A Current Affair producer Grant Williams was told: “Channel 7 has snapped it up for $25,000.”

“The vision is absolutely clear and irrefutable,” Nine spokesman David Hurley said last night. “O’Keefe’s splayed in the street, profoundly inebriated. He has to be helped to his feet by a blonde woman who disappears down the street. I don’t think you’ll be seeing it any time soon on Today Tonight.”

O’Keefe is said to have been filmed crawling down Chapel St, Prahran, looking disoriented and being helped to his feet by a mystery blonde companion.

The footage, outside Melbourne nightclub Revolver, is believed to be a couple of weeks old.


  1. “Who cares if he got drunk. Everyone gets drunk and wonders around City streets. Its no big deal.”

    Oh no they don’t. Plenty of people don’t drink to excess, and find drunkenness creepy. Binge drinking has become much more prevalent in Gen X and Y than in previous generations.

    Anyway, having said that, it’s still nobody’s business but AOK’s. These two networks have become really trashy with their gutter stories about each other. Don’t they realise it just makes them both look cheap and nasty, and most of us don’t give a rat’s??

  2. Typical for 7 to cover it up. Must be a drinking culture there with Meakin and co

    If this was a footy player from any code the scumbags at 7 would have this as their lead story

  3. this’ll either backfire completely on c9 and/or open up the possibility of station celebrities now being stalked / followed with the hope they “become inebriated”….

  4. “I don’t think you’ll be seeing it any time soon on Today Tonight.”

    LOL I had to laugh at this for the numerous different reasons and suggestions already said by knoxoverstreet, Lowie and jer.

  5. So what? O’Keefe got drunk. Who hasn’t?

    Nine are the worst TV network in Australia. They themselves are already crawling through the men’s urinal trough; now they are chasing cigarette butts down the drain. Bunch of f-ing morons.

  6. Who gives a rats ass.

    Any opportunity to nab at seven. Nine is completely pathetic, i hate that network with a passion and its no friggin wonder why seven s**** all over it and its shoddy programming.

  7. knoxoverstreet

    Of course they would. If it were say,Eddie,7 would be all over it.

    And lol everyone gets drunk and wanders around city streets..yeah if your a bogan!

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