Nine switches Fringe episodes

Update: Ep 7 now confirmed for December 22.

Disappointing to see Channel Nine meddling with the order of Fringe episodes.

Nine aired #6 this week with #8 to air next week and #9 the week after (December 15).

Episode #7 “In Which We Meet Mr. Jones” (pictured) remains unscheduled.

The series has already been knocked around by Nine, dropped off air after a few weeks of screening.

Is it any wonder fans view this kind of treatment with scepticism?

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  1. Channel 9’s always bad with sci-fi. Like they used to edit out bits of star trek episodes for no reason. Well i suspect the reason was to make them shorter to catch up on the running late programming they always tend to be.

  2. i’ve just been going through the advanced guides and it has “in which we meet mr jones” listed for the 15th of december, which would be 9 just switching around 7 and 8, but you say they are showing episode 9 on the 15th david… does this mean they made an amendment to the advanced guide in which they decided to skip episode 7 and show 9 instead?

  3. With the US airings, i think it has more to do with which episodes are finished first, as editing can take some time. This obviously wouldn’t happen with serial shows, but with cartoons and such, it wouldn’t matter too much. But international stations should obviously air them in the order the US does. Does anyone remember the confusion of when 7 aired my name is earl severely out of order? They made references to episodes that hadn’t aired here yet. FYI, Fringe was aired in its production order overseas.

  4. Makes me glad i gave up on fringe on ch9 anyway, they just will not learn, they screwed fringe before, and they are screwing it again, looking forward to watching ep 10 in the next few days.

  5. This may be the way it’s sometimes done in the US but it doesn’t explain why? What could possibly be the point of producing an series of episodes in a certain order, and then airing them in a different order?

  6. US networks often switch the order of episodes too!
    THere are many reasons this happened.
    The order in which a US studio produces the epispdes and numbers them is not always the way US networks air them.
    Perhaps Nine is mirroring how Fox aired them?
    Perhaps there is a reason Nine is doing this.
    As I said – it happens in the US too

  7. I too cannot believe that they are jumping a show. Episode 7 is important in an arc that starts from this one. I know someone already mentioned that, but wanted to show how important it is to miss episode 7 further down the track. Of all the upcoming eps, they had to miss this one.

    Obviously nine doesn’t care. That’s their track record though, so I am not surprised.

    This show is slowly growing on me and ep 10, which they just showed in the states is suppose to be the best yet. So, it continues to get better and better.

  8. On the topic of continuity, but not of Fringe:

    Tonight’s first non-ratings season episode of House on ten was a repeat, not surprisingly, but they started off the repeats with a “part 2”. And it was part 2 of an episode I watched part 1 of on Foxtel on Sunday night. Very weird.

  9. Luckily, I have that episode here, but haven’t watched it yet. It is the last one I obtained before I decided Fringe wasn’t worth the bandwidth.
    If nine continue these shenanigans I might have to reconsider.

  10. Wow that’s really annoying. Particularly as Mr Jones is an important piece in the show’s expanding mythology. Now I’ll have to go back and re-read the recaps on The AV Club and TWoP!

  11. Same old same old 🙁 – I have been preparing for this so now I won’t have to worry about their and other networks poor / erratic / incomplete scheduling

  12. I’d like to know what the point of this is? Is a certain episode really going to make more people want to watch? Unless they advertise it as something like “watched by 20 million viewers in the US” then there’s no point in changing the order (even if that was the case, I’d be pissed).

  13. Good thing only 700 thousand people will mind and i doubt they would have noticed if they werent told.
    Fringe is a great show but it just hasnt clicked with the Aussie audience

  14. do they have any sort of reason? or are they just incompetent? or messing with our minds just coz they can? they have been editing, messing with the schedule and now the episode order, this will have huge dvd sales as everyone gives up and waits for the dvd. really bad form 9.

  15. Too late now for Nine and their advertisers.
    I did not even bother watching this week, chose another channel as I was fed up with their meddling and I want continuity, something Nine have no idea about.
    Note to Nine advertisers – you lost chance to interest me with your goods.

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