Returning: Ghost Whisperer. Bumped: Dirty Sexy Money

Seven tweaks its summer schedule after Dirty Sexy Money drops a bundle.

Seven has reacted to the first night’s figures for Dirty Sexy Money and moved it from 9:30pm to 11:30pm.

It will replace it with Ghost Whisperer.

On Tuesday DSM had 504,000 -dropping from Eli Stone’s 926,000 viewers. Seven was third for the night.

From December 9 Ghost Whisperer returns in repeats while DSM pushes Man’s Work and Auction Squad out.

The shows will continue at 9:30 / 11:30pm each Tuesday.


24 Responses

  1. Great! Sick of all these changes especially when they don’t advise beforehand especially with digital TV guides (which I have and still had DSM advertised). I was all ready to watch DSM at 9.30 and got the repeats of Ghostwhisperer – leaving people such as me to miss the episode! Not happy!

  2. It might have helped the ratings if the advertised that DSM was coming back on. I only found out as I have the digital TV guide. Channel 7 you are not winning viewers by doing things like this. Especially to bump it for repeats. I was looking forward to the new season of DSM as the first episode was great!!!!

  3. Great !!! Sick of these changes in programs and don’t get advised! I was all ready to watch DSM at 9.30 last night and got Ghostwhisperer repeats – even the onscreen guides on DVD & TV had DSM scheduled at 9.30 so I missed the later newly scheduled one (just found out by reading this that it had been changed). Had a gutful of late programming good shows and nothing on earlier!!!

  4. DSM is a fantastic show, why would you bump it like that. I have been waiting for its return and you do this, not everyone is able to stay up so late we all have work early, please bring it back to 9:30 ur only playing re-runs of GW anyway!!

  5. Put Dirty Sexy Money back on a descent hour, far out not everyone can stay up to watch it at 11:30, give it to another station if you cant put it at a normal time, DSM is a great great show, so dissapointed in Channel 7 to just move it like that..

  6. Rolling stones gather no moss.

    TV shows changing times gather no ratings.

    Not fussed about either of the shows, but fully support giving shows a chance. Sick of ime slot changes as you can never get into a routine.

  7. The biggest stupidity of all this is that anything after 9.30 will be recorded by the majority of viewers to watch later … we all have to get up and spend ages travelling to work each morning … so there will be absolutely no rating indication of how many people actually do watch the show …
    What a mad circus our TV industry has become … their actions are pushing more and more people away from their service (that is no longer an appropriate word!) every day and on to the internet to download what they want to see when they want to see it. Nobody’s fault but your own you idiot programmers!

  8. i was happy when i saw the promo for GW returning, but yeah, like others disappointed that they were repeats. Cant wait for new episodes to start.

    But i cant believe that Seven are reshuffling their promgramming list even during non-rating periods. Thats just silly, but oh well. A leopard cant change its spots 🙂 Seven is still the network to watch this summer 🙂

  9. Gosh, they don’t even give it a chance. I really liked Sevens Tuesaday line up, but knew it was too good to be true. Although I Like JLH, I’m not a fan of Ghost Whisperer, so that will leave me an hour free to catch up on what I had taped the night before. Ofcourse i’ll have to tape DSM, now it’s on at 11.30!

  10. I love Dirty Sexy Money – was really looking forward to the last season, now 7 have bumped it to 11.30pm – thank heavens for dvd recorders!
    I thought it was non ratings season, so why the hell are they bothering what figuers they get!!!

  11. I must say i’m annoyed that DSM was bumped- but happy seven chose to keep it in scedule. It is a really good show – so please seven, even it is at 11.30pm, please play out the season!!! Its summer! It doesn’t even matter (as much!!)

  12. A move to 11.30pm means no more HD for Dirty Sexy Money, since Seven runs garbage alternate programming in that time slot.

    Ah well, another show onto the ever-growing download list for me then.

  13. Oh for god sake! Stop it!!!!!!!!!!!
    Put something on and leave it on!
    I have really had a “gut full” of this idiotic programming behaviour …
    About time we all said: “To hell with free to air … hello downloads!”
    Loose your audience … loose your advertisers …
    Will we ever get someone in the industry who actually has some real instict like Kerry Packer did? Doesn’t look like it!

    Anyway, the end of that episode was brilliant and set up for a very interesting season … they should have given it two more weeks and it may have recovered well … now we will never know!


  14. I’m surprised they didn’t do this sooner. That said, I’m very surprised Seven hasn’t oversaturated its schedule with Criminal Minds repeats like it did last summer. That’s a good thing, Nine could learn from that instead of havin CSI, CSI:Miami and Cold Case and movies on every summer weekday. Nothing new or experimental, its so tired.

  15. I loved season one Dirty Sexy Money, and loved the first ep of season 2. I won’t be relying on 7 for my Dirty fix anymore…. But when f***wits continue to watch repeats again and again in favour of first run shows they deserve the s**t that is continually served up to them. Having said that GW isn’t too bad a show, and no doubt from a programming POV, 7 have made a wise move.

  16. I still dont get why Prison Break isnt moving to 9 30, they havent even given it a chance this season, and they dont put good shows at 9 30, so prison break dont get good rating, i actually like Ghost Whisperer but i dont really want repeats…So Channel 7 just put Prison break on at 9:30 already!

  17. doesn’t surprise, DSM isn’t that good anymore and is axed in america and australians obviously havn’t warmed to it. 7 had quite a big promotion. good to see prisonbreak still in place

    Ghost whisperer would not have been my first choice but good nevertheless, what about 30rock, scrubs, family guy, or rafters reruns.

  18. Damn!

    I was rejoicing at the return of Ghost Whisperer…until I read that they were bloody repeats! Now I know for sure that we won’t get new episodes until after February.

    I wouldn’t have minded Dirty Sexy Money bumped as long as it was still on and as long as it was for a good cause (a la Ghost Whisperer) but to bump it for repeats really irks me.

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