Bumped: Ghost Whisperer

Seven moves Ghost Whisperer to 10:30pm with Thank God You're Here repeats in place.

Seven reacts to the drop-off for Ghost Whisperer with a scheduling change.

It will move to 10:30pm next week with a single episode, replaced by repeats of Thank God You’re Here.

No sign of Parenthood yet….

The Jennifer Love Hewitt drama plummetted from Rafters 1.91m to just 623,000 last night – a worrying drop-off. Last week it fell from 1.90 to 603,000.

Seven has cheekily branded the TGYH episodes as a “Series Return” when it is really a “Series Repeat.”

Seven also slates an Aussie episode of World’s Strictest Parents for 7:30 Wednesday next week with both MasterChef and Hey Hey out of the way.

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  1. I really wish that Channel 7 would find a time spot for Ghost Whisperer and leave it there really frustrating when you reallly like a show and they keep moving all over the place will have to watch it on the internet instead.

  2. I don’t watch either show, but shouldn’t 7 find two shows that work well together, e.g Greys and Private were together, and Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. GW is nothing like PTTR, so you have no chance of maintaining viewers. 7 needs to sort themselves out. Their ratings overall are not so good, especially if you take PTTR out of the equation. Do I feel sorry for GW it has always been a ‘fill in” and taken on and off all the time, just like Supernatural really…

  3. So GW didn’t rate any better, it gives me real concerns when/if they put Parenthood in the slot. Seven should have been promoting Parenthood for the last few weeks/months with Packed to the Rafters. I did see 2 or 3 different ads for the show last night which make me happy but I hope they don’t pull the show after a few weeks if the ratings don’t live up to their high standards, look how they screwed up HIMYM and Cougar Town.

    As for GW last night I think they should have just had one ep and then something else for 10:30.

  4. Why – Seven still won the night, and next week they’ll win it by even more with no Masterchef and Nine’s Tuesday programming all over the shop.

    Perhaps 600,000 is as good as they’ll get for the timeslot after Rafters for now. What will they do if TGYH rates the same – another change? Why not leave it, play out the remaining eps in doubles and it might actually build?

  5. What do 7 expect when they chop and change GW’s schedule all the time. It came back with no fanfare that I didn’t even realize it was back. No wonder people are opting for channel BT!

  6. Yesterday’s Crickey rumours speculated about senior management reshuffles at Seven. Any wonder. Programming this year is a mess. Vicar of Dibley repeats in prime time? Matt Newton anchoring anything – are they mad? Hardly fits with the “family” audience. Blah blah blah.

  7. I wonder when Channel 7 will sort out its schedule. wouldn’t it be fair to argue that the term ‘Series Return’ used by Channel 7 is deliberately misleading advertising? this implies new episodes/new season

  8. I find it ironic that one of the reason Working Dog took TGYH from ten to seven was that they felt ten’s constant re-runs were diminishing the brand. Now that seven are doing the same thing, I wonder if they have any regrets??

    No surprise re Ghost Whisperer given it’s cancellation in the US. Seven will just play the remaining dozen eps out to get rid of them.

  9. the promos for parenthood look really good. it seems a logical fit for Tuesday 9:30 but 7 obviously has other plans. maybe Sunday 9:00 after Dancing with the Stars? or Thursday 8:30?

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