Returning: The Amazing Race

Seven is fastracking the new series of The Amazing Race, to premiere Thursday September 30th.

Seven is fastracking the new series of The Amazing Race.

Season 17 will premiere 8:30pm Thursday September 30th.

It begins with a 90 minute premiere episode to be followed by the last-ever episode of Ghost Whisperer.

Travelling 32,000 miles and covering four continents and thirty cities, this season’s Racers include newly dating couples, an Internet entertainer and a recently reunited mother/daughter team, all looking to win the Amazing Race.

This is a strategic move by Seven, especially after some seasons have been late on arrival. With an Aussie series in pre-production, it’s clearly in the network’s interests to keep the brand buoyant.

The season premieres in the US on September 26th.

Last team to check in may be eliminated.

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  1. yep, great news!

    though i can’t remember which series of amazing race seven has screened and which they skipped? i still remember a ‘all stars’ season where i didn’t even recognise some of the contestants! (those two blonde cheerleaders i think)…

  2. Yay!!! Thank you Seven!! I’m happy with this. Waiting as long as we did with the other series was hard as fair enough you can avoid some sites .. but if you have access to Twitter its pretty hard to miss who won.

    Maybe Seven could repeat it on 7TWO on a Friday or Saturday night at 7:30pm or late night?

  3. Unlike Neon Kitten, I’ll watch Survivor on Nine… I’ll switch to the source near the end if Nine doesn’t play catch-up by then. It’s possible they might skip the redux ep or double up an ep or two, as they’ve done before.

    Nice to see Seven keeping up to date with TAR tho, I agree.

  4. Well done Seven.

    That’s a much more impressive effort than Nine’s “fast-tracking” of Survivor. Still, it’s a shame that neither Seven nor Nine are matching Ten’s fast-tracking abilities of Glee which will apparently screen in Australia hours (not days or weeks) after it screens in the US.

    I’ve already watched the first episode of Survivor, but I’ll wait and watch Amazing Race on Seven.

  5. Here’s a tip: The obnoxious one with the bimbo partner wins. Or the gay pair…Or the father daughter/Mother son…or the mixed race couple…or the hillbillies (oops they always get knocked out first episode, but you never know)…or the Nerds (nah, they always fail to read the clues properly)…or the retired couple who have children from other partners, until they realised their partner was gay….or the soccer moms who haven’t a brain between them…or the police/fireman/ambulance/bear hunters who are best mates…or the pair who are actually nice and you want to win (this last one only happens every five seasons). Despite its predictability, always a great show to watch.

  6. i know that ;ast ever ghost whisper i going to be really sad when it goes it one of my most loved shows ever
    david i was wondering if you could do like a look back or gallery thing like you did with ugly betty i really like that david could you??

  7. I knew seven would do something like this, because really the only other option they had in showing season 17 is ethier show it now or wait until the middle of next year after the amazing race australia.

  8. And that’s proper fast-tracking right there. Unlike Survivor, this announcement immediately struck Amazing Race off my “other sources” list. Well done, Seven!

    As for Ghost Whisperer, I didn’t even know it had been cancelled, and I used to be a regular viewer. That’s how self-indulgent and just downright awful it became a couple of seasons back.

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