TEN wins Tuesday

And now for some good news. TEN won Tuesday night’s ratings. Very convincingly.

TEN won with a 27.4% share over Nine’s 24.6% and Seven’s 24.1%. It was a complete turnaround from Monday’s lousy 16% share.

It’s been quite some time since the network won an evening, but as audiences sample new summer line-ups, it was a double repeat of NCIS that spearheaded the win. That’s bad news for those who are looking for new treats in summer, when the audiences tell the networks “we wants repeats, please.”

TEN took nearly 1.3m viewers in one episode -that’s above what new episodes have been charting. Another 1.21m followed in a second repeat, an excellent retention for TEN. Its Britney: For the Record special was competitive with 920,000 and scored in key demographics.

TEN’s Bold & Beautiful experiment faltered in its second night slipping from 592,000 to 552,000 but it picked up a lot of ground on Monday’s Out of the Blue.

TEN’s night dominated by repeats, whipped Seven’s first-run evening of Ugly Betty, Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money and Prison Break.

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  1. I agree- I think Britney helped Ten here. These type of shows are something Ten should invest in the future. I reakon and Aussie Entertainment Tonight type show would help in the 7pm slot next year. Great that Ten had some good news.

  2. You may think that Chris but the shows being showed during the non-ratings period are better than the ones shown during the ratings period.

    And I love NCIS to bits but I’ll never watch repeats on TV. That’s what DVD’s are for.

  3. RichoTB you are totally off your tree… don’t start bagging NCIS…Eli Stone has a very short shelf life…so don’t get to worked up about it…theres a reason its started in summer…

  4. NCIS is woeful. Its been the exact same thing for 6 years. Repetition, repetition. I bet the same ppl who watch these repeats week after week are the same ones who watch 2.5 men every day for months on end. The only decent thing about NCIS is the characters are quirky n different from a lot of boring, formulaic procedurals e.g. CSI, Criminal Minds. Its still little more than your average CBS cop show though. Eli Stone, now thats a good show. More ppl should start tuning into this series, at least its something different from the same old same old repetitive turd on Ten. NCIS and House won’t hold up their network forever.

  5. stevie g – the exact same thing can be said about TEN’s Monday night line up compared to SEVEN and NINE Rpts yet still NINE and SEVEN came up tops

  6. i Love Channel 7s Tuesday line up. I can see that it wouldn’t all appeal to people who watch their usual Tuesday line up ( even though I loved that too), and they turned to NCIS rather than watch something new. I wish Prison break wasn’t on at 10.30 either because it clashes with Survivor. Both shows deserve a better slot this season.
    It seems seven are finally finishing and starting show close to the scheduled time. ( well they were by 10.30 anyway ) Now if only Nine would do so too.

  7. Craig, I doubt anything on Showcase would get even 100k, even Dexter which I imagine would be the channel’s best rating show. Primetime stuff on FOX8 would be far more likely to get viewers switching from FTA than Satisfaction.

  8. Can you please get rid of Dirty Sexy Money, or atleast move it to 10 30 and put Prison Break on at 9 30, it is such a great season this and its on at 10 30, how stupid.

  9. Eli Stone was good but really people can’t be too worried if Seven removed that and DSM since they’re both cancelled anyway.

    I hope they don’t play stupid and keep B&B for their starts to the night.

    It’s obvious that the Britney special did this. It brought people into that nights NCIS who alternatively wouldn’t watch NCIS.

  10. there is just no accounting for taste is there, how can people watch repeats like that, i watch bones but am not touching the repeats on mondays, what is wrong with ncis fans, did they all suffer head injuries that have wiped their memories? i stayed on 7 all night long because they had new shows, when they have repeats i don’t watch.

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