Returning: The Mentalist, Cold Case, Kitchen Nightmares

mentalstUPDATED: Nine has revealed details of its schedule next week, the final week of non-ratings, which includes the return of The Mentalist in new episodes.

Episode 8 “Thin Red Line” screens at 8:30pm Wednesday February 4th followed by Flashpoint‘s 7th episode “He Knows His Brother.”

New Cold Case episodes move to “new night, new time” at 10:30pm with “Wednesday’s Women.”

What that means for ER, starting its 14th season at 10:30pm tomorrow night, is extremely unclear. It won’t be in the same slot next week. Madness.

Amended: New episodes of Kitchen Nightmares USA return at 9:30pm Thursday February 5th with S2E5 “Trobianno’s” in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide while CSI: New York airs in Brisbane at 9:30pm S5E3 “Turbulence.” TV Tonight apologises for this error (ah we love wading through amendments!).

Amazing Medical Stories follows at 10:30pm.

Nine will also screen an “Adults Only” first run episode of Two and a Half Men at 8:30pm next Tuesday Feb 3rd S6E5 “A Jock Strap in hell” doubled with a repeat.

Nine repeats the movie Terminator 3 next Monday night at 8:30pm with Moment of Truth at 10:50pm.


  1. RichoTB on January 27th, 2009 10:03 pm

    Hey dude, could you give it a rest about Gordon Ramsay? We all know how much of a fan you aren’t, so let it go, he rates very well for nine, he is very popular.


  2. Someone BBBA: You’ll notice Nine are returning with episode 5. Episodes 1 through 4 aired late last year butchered to all hell.

    And no, even before the ACMA investigations were concluded, Nine started editing the swearing when they couldn’t hold on to their “context” excuse of letting it pass at M instead of MA. Around the time they promised not to air the C-word.

  3. Evil, with regard to Nine “watering down” Kitchen Nightmares, I thought they stopped airing the show months before ACMA came out with their findings late last year … at least not in te 8:30 slot. So when were these “watered down” versions aired?

  4. We all now know what 7 is doing. We no doubt all have plans as to what we will watch on each night from next week on. Ch 9 calving it up all the time do so to their own peril.

    I see no reason why ch 9 cannot commit shows and timeslots properly given that 7 already has. I suggest they will see all their shows tank next week or 2 and have a completely different schedule come Feb 15 on.

    I agree ch 9 should just wait until after the cricket to launch their biggest shows. Maybe time they call on a medium to communicate with Kerry Packer for some advise. Bring back the old days.

  5. Thats a mess of a schedule Mentalist at 8.30 Wednesdays when Underbelly 2 is slated there for the first 2 weeks before moving to Sunday nights. WTF?!?! IMO Underbelly should stay on Wednesday nights for its entire run, or wait 2 weeks and begin it on Sundays at the end of Feb.

    And new cold case at 10.30 WTF?!?! The show has potential and given a good leadin pulls good figures at 9.30.

  6. I absolutely love “Cold Case”… Such a great use of music in every episode, each and every episode is like a work of art to me… Pity there aren’t any seasons of the show available on DVD yet, very likely due to the issue of music… Shows like “NCIS” and “Criminal Minds” I find very entertaining, but “Cold Case” goes beyond that for me, and I think it will be remembered as a classic show…

  7. CBS aired an episode of the Mentalist on Sunday 18th Jan (it is usually on Tuesdays) and it got about 3 million less viewers than normal, and that was with a lead-in 2 times larger than normal. (let’s ignore the fact that it was a series high in the demos – cause our networks really only care about who come first in total people, thus the ‘ratings war’ for the ‘crown’). Point being is don’t mess with something that works.

  8. Nine continue with their watered down version of Ramsay and wonder why it isn’t rating as well as it used to when they didn’t censor 90% of the swearing. Put the scissors way, throw it on at 9:30 and give it the MA you gave it when you first started airing it and maybe people will tune in…provided you don’t ram it down their throats 3 times a week again.

  9. Channel Nine have again reinforced why they are the worst network. Mentalist @ 8:30pm Wed again?? When it was doing so well on Sundays and Mondays over the summer?? Thats incredibly stupid, it was the move against Criminal Minds after 3 episodes that made the numbers drop from #1 (of Sundays) to #14 on Wednesdays. If there’s one thing Nine’s good at, its how to kill a show. Thankfully I’ve already seen up to episode 13 through superior methods. Nine really do need to get their collective heads examined, they did good replaying eps of the Mentalist they had already butchered with the annoying timeslot switch, but now the show will again fall under 1 mill every week. Silly network.

    As for the return of Ramsay, that’s a joke. A bad joke. I hope it fails again and that it gets pulled after 2 weeks just like a few months ago. This is a great slot they could have used for Underbelly instead of this rehashed trash. Australia is sick of this guy, just put him out of his misery already. And ER being pulled again? Is anyone actually surprised by this? People who watch this show may as well resign to the fact that Nine will continue to air only 9 episodes of this show a year, unless they bump it to a midnight slot or something. As for Cold Case @ 10:30, good riddance, that show is horrid, the lead chick cannot act at all. And wow, 2.5 men is back again and its already on 8 times a week. How can ppl stand this network. Looks like another losing year for Nine.

  10. So who’s keeping track of which Flashpoint eps have aired and which order, I think it’s 2-5-4-6 and now 7, will they every air the pilot?

    BTW I noticed when ch10 aired Terminator 2 a few weeks ago it was not in 16×9.

    Good to see ER staying on but what of Gossip Girl, I guess they gave up on that already. Thank god for Fox8.

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