Returning: Trial & Retribution

New episodes of Lynda La Plante’s Trial & Retribution come to ABC from next week.

There are 3 x two-part thrillers featuring Victoria Smurfit and David Hayman. It returns with “Closure” on 8:30pm Friday January 23r.

These episodes were actually filmed in 2007. In 2008 there were ten new episodes while a new series began last week on ITV.

As well as her skill at twists and storytelling, La Plante’s writing is renowned for its strong female characters including those in Prime Suspect and The Commander.

Press Release:
Renowned British crime writer Lynda La Plante shows her fine touch with this well cast police drama series that carries procedural authenticity, tension, plot twists and character quirks to rate among the best.

Detective Chief Inspector Roisin Connor ( Victoria Smurfit) is under the pump from her crusty boss Chief Superintendent Mike Walker ( David Hayman) to get results on the rape and murder of a pretty and talented schoolgirl.

Two months after the discovery of 17-year-old Madeline Fuller’s body in a grimy London pumphouse, they have no witness, no suspect, no leads.

CSI Walker orders a trawl through unsolved cases and they discover three more teenage schoolgirls murdered in similar circumstances over the last 10 years. Connor feels professionally insulted by Walker’s interference, particularly as the past murders were ones he himself failed to solve. But as she is going nowhere with her investigations and suspects they have a serial killer on their hands, she approaches Max Stanford (Michael Brandon) , a well-known criminal profiler, for help. Stanford is willing to help and Connor hands him the case details.

But his charisma seems to temporarily derail Connor and while he promises to unlock the killer’s mind for her, some uncomfortable events occur that indicate the perpetrator may have an insider’s knowledge of police procedures. And Detective Sergeant Lisa West ( Sarah Ozeke) sets herself up as an internet “bait’’ when they discover the young victims possibly met their killer through an online chat room.

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  1. La Plante knows how to write a decent book and lucky for her, they translate really well to TV.I suspect she has production control over that.
    I will be watching.

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