Satisfaction wins third series

More good news for Aussie drama today with confirmation that Satisfaction has won a third series.

Series two of the “high class hookers” of the fictional 232 brothel is currently screening on the Showcase channel.

Starring Alison Whyte, Diana Glenn, Madeleine West, Kestie Morassi, Bojana Novakovic and Peta Sergeant the show is a prized drama of Showtime’s,  a ‘drama channel’ required to spend a proportion of its budget on local production.

It has sold to over 25 countries including Canada, Poland, Latin America, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Israel, New Zealand and France.

Producer Roger Simpson said “Showcase has truly become the home of cutting edge and high quality drama, and I want to thank Foxtel and Austar for their encouragement to ‘push boundaries and exceed expectations’. For me and my creative team, that’s a pretty seductive brief.”

Whilst cast for series 3 is yet to be confirmed, Satisfaction will resume production mid year with a return to screen in December.


  1. Christina Smith

    Kestie Morassi is an incredible actress. I had the pleasure of running into her socially and have to say she was a delight. Friendly, lovely to talk to – and very beautiful! I’d never realised she is such a beautiful girl with the personality to match.

    Can’t wait for season 3!

  2. Love this show. So glad that their will be series 3 can’t wait. I am glad though that tippy is out of the show I couldn’t stand her, horrible acting.
    I think Alison Whyte has been great this season, she is gorgeous for her age…
    I hope the girls are all back for series 3.

  3. My boyfriend and I are not happy with how Tippy’s death became part of the storyline. They just killed someone off! They’ve tried killing Tippy once before! Bah!

    Why not have her go back to school to be a sexologist? Or decide she’s going to pursue writing full-time and write about her experiences? There’s like a thousand different ways this could have gone – but, like Adam said, this feels way too much like a shark jump.

    My boyfriend argued that now that they killed her off (way too early into the season!!) she can never come back. Ever. Not unless they do a “it was all a dream” scenario, and that would definitely be shark-jumping.

    argh argh argh!

    The show’s awesome otherwise, but come on.

  4. i love the show, the performances are generally great, the characters are all very interesting (except Chloe, she bores me a tad in comparison to the others).

    I have no issue with Heathers current storyline, but If they “turn” her straight i will slap someone up side the head!

  5. Adam, at the end of the show on Foxtel there is a behind the scenes segment showed. One of the producers mentioned that Bojana had a great opportunity to go and work in Hollywood. He said that they would never want to get in anyone’s way of doing that. It made me think as David said it was not their choice. The cast are all awesome.

  6. I Love Satisfaction, a lot. especially the writing. But Tippy’s death should not have happened. Not how it did and not at this point in the series.

    As much as I love Satisfaction, it has officially Jumped the Shark for me.

  7. Satisfaction is a fab drama, which is well acted. If you want to avoid it there are many other channels on Foxtel to watch. Surely Sex and the City had it’s detractors and look how popular that was. It is the same old arguement. Put sex on television and there are critics. Shoot someone or worse and that is somehow more acceptable for television viewing. The wowsers are welcome to do a crossword if they wish!!!

  8. Pornography is defined as sexual matter with the intention of sexually exciting the viewer. If Satisfaction is porn, then I must say it’s not very good quality, considering the 45 odd minutes of drama and dialogue surrounding the sex scenes.

    And to think that Satisfaction is doing no good for the country? Jobs. Jobs. Jobs.

    I also take offense to people that have never seen the show and seek to criticize it as a whole load of sex scenes when in fact it’s a show about exceptionally strong women who must deal with the increasingly demanding emotional consequences of their profession it creates on their lives. This show has interested me in ways that no other show ever has.

    I love this show. I love even more that I’ve lent the DVD of the first season to a whole heap of friends who haven’t got access to Showcase, and they come back to tell me that they’re going to buy it on DVD too.

  9. Bill, for heavens sake, your entitled to your opinion but really your just be ridiculous, we are turning into America where we are becomeing so de-sensitised to violence on TV that its just taken for granted that people will blow each other brains out in prime time and its not remarked upon but as soon as someone dare tackle sexuality people are up in arms about, I would suggest that violence in TV, movies and video games is a far bigger threat to society than a show about 5 high class hookers..
    BTW – if you think that this is porn, im assuming you have never seen actual porn as they are worlds apart.
    Personally, I love the show and look forward to series 3 at years end – You go Girls!

  10. Well responded David. As I was scrolling through the comments I thought it won’t be long before I see a prudish comment…

    Children? Guess how they are made and where they come from? Shock horror – Let’s ban people having sex and nude showers while we are at it! Bill stop blaming TV for the problems of society (1950’s mentality). We are adults, more educated than ever (if we want to be) and if we choose to act in the way we do it’s because we have -decided- to. It’s called personal responsibility – No need to try and rationalise it away and blame it on a tv show. Plenty of criminals in court try to use this as a defence for their poor choice of actions – you don’t have to fall for it too.

    If you saw a pair of breasts on “Satisfaction” would you suddenly become a sex fiend? No? Then why should any sane person?

  11. Ok the line from The Rev Lovejoy’s wife is comical…

    Satisfaction falls under classification rulings just fine and is not seen on Free to Air, meaning viewers actually have to “opt in” to see it. Pay TV also comes with the ability to lock out channels. There’s nothing wrong with sexuality on television in the right context, timeslots and with appropriate classifiations. We are adults with choice and in a democracy free to exercise those choices.

    Clearly there is an audience for the show, and for those who don’t find it entertaining they can watch 20 to 1. I know where I’d rather be. The one that provides jobs in the industry and gives me something to think about.

    How many episodes did you say you’ve seen?

  12. Bill Muehlenberg

    David, I would say some of your points are more than valid!

    What I am suggesting is the overt sexuality that TV has in this country, We need to start being responsible for the images we portray to society and the mainstreaming of pornographic shows such as Satisfaction will not do this country any good!

    Think about the Children.

  13. If it’s going down the toilet it’s not from Satisfaction.

    I’d start with Border Security’s dubious ethics, producers who take no risks, networks that keep harking back to old ideas, programmers treating viewers with contempt, late night televangelists that are nothing but advertorials, fleeting diversity, regional viewers treated with disdain, exaggerted campaigns for digital television, ACMA’s lack of teeth, late time starts, a lack of senior women on television, years of Howard cuts to the ABC, an obsession for “bluesky” television, the demise of current affairs, the demise of intelligent interview shows…. gee shall I pause for breath?

  14. Bill Muehlenberg

    It really is dissapointing that TV in this country is going to the toilet..

    Porn mascarading as drama does not make for a healthy and moral society!

  15. I’ll tip that Madeleine will be up for Best Actress at this year’s AFI’s based on her performance this season – she’s been awe inspiring! And she’s gathering momentum since her win for Underbelly in December.

  16. Wow ! That’s good news about series 3. I don’t have foxtell so I am patiently waiting for series 2. To come to DVD, I cannot wait ! Satisfaction is really good and Kestie Morassi makes it, Will be real sad if she is not in series 3.
    So please let Kestie be in series 3. so she can be nominated to win an AFI Award in 2009/10 >> > Go Kestie.

  17. Fantastic news, the show has been particularly strong this season, and Tippi’s departure was a real shock, and very well executed. Can’t wait to see where they go next season.

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