Weekend Sunrise wakes up to Today’s alarm

Rise and shine! The battle for Sunday morning heats up as Sunrise matches Today's 7am start.

wkendsunriseHere we go again.

Morning television shows, specifically two of them, just hate it when the other guy gets a jump start.

Nine’s new Sunday version of the Today show with Leila McKinnon and Cameron Williams begins this Sunday morning.

Airing at 7am, it has a half hour head start on the traditional 7:30am start time of Seven’s Weekend Sunrise, hosted by Andrew O’Keefe and Samantha Armytage.

So Seven just announced it’s moving back to 7am too.

Not so long ago there was a similar scheduling battle over the shows’ weekday versions and early News, along with an earlier start for the now-deceased Sunday.

It was so early that Ray Martin didn’t want to get up for it, leaving Ellen Fanning to host solo.

And that was 7:30am.

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  1. What are the chances of letting it be known Australia has another world champion this morning Jason Crump has done it for the third time for him .Come on he is a great ambassodor and not a word .The guy is one great sportsman.

  2. don’t tell us ‘off the wall’ is michael’s first lp.

    after working all week i don’t wasste time watching tv on weekends until 7pm.
    there’s no news on until midday, only these trashy gossip shows.

  3. I was surprised at how the whole Weekend Sunrise panel laughed at the Dog Yoga story – don’t they know how effective one’s own state of mind effects one’s pets . I’m a Yoga teacher and know that its really effective! We all know Yoga works for people – why shouldn’t it work on other sentient beings? When I’m practising at home my cats join me and they love it !!

  4. Hey Zambora – you say “most Melburnians do not like Today over Sunrise” – how would you explain the daily figures which show consistently day-in, day-out, that Today wipes Sunrise’s butt in Melbourne?

  5. Gerrard, come on mate take off Nine bias.Most Melburnians do not like Today over Sunrise.Cameron Williams scores low in Nine’s own Q scores.
    Having said that do we really need 3 hours of news etc on Sunday morning – not for me !

  6. It looks like channel seven are now playing the copy-game. Channel Nine’s Today Show starts at 5:30am on weekdays, so I don’t know why Ray Martin was complaining about getting up at 7:30am.

    I love the Today Show – most Melbournians prefer the Today Show over Sunrise, but Im not sure what will happen with Leila and Cam. I think Cam is a great host, but he’s better at just doing the layed-back sports presenter. He’s not too god when it comes to being serious. And Leila is just plain annoying. Her voice is almost as bad as Jessica Rowe’s.

    I agree with “EMQ” that if this is a success, it will expand to three hours (or even more). Channel Nine have a strong Sunday morning line up with this and Wide World Of Sports.

    Out of Today and Sunrise, I’ll definitely be watching Today as I hate Andrew O Keefe. He is so goofy (excuse the weird adjective).

  7. i love waking up to Weekend Sunrise around 8 – 8:30 on a Sunday Morning. best thing, read the Sunday paper, have some bacon and eggs.

    Is Today On Sunday going to announce its starting at 6.30, then 6.00, then 5.30 etc. Of all the network scheduleing and programming problems the shamble network who call themselves ‘9’ have, it stumps me as to why they are worrying about the sunday am slot

  8. i’m not too fussed which one i watch during the week but there is no way i would ever watch anything with the awful leila. sam armytage is so georgeous especially in comparison, and i think andrew does a good job too.

    the decision is a no brainer for me.

  9. might give the today show on sunday a go, andrew o’keefe may be funnier but he takes jokes too far sometimes and turns serious news stories into jokes. i can’t stand samantha armytage.

  10. whats the big deal? I’m a today show fan, but there’s no way i’d watch the today sunday show with cameron & leila. After Watching them fill in a few weeks back during the week was absolutely painful to watch. It was as much fun as eating dry burnt toast. Andrew & samantha have no competition….

  11. TOS on Sunday will expand to 3 hours if proven to be a success I reckon; although 7-9 is a tad early for Sunday to wake up, I owuld have much preferred it to be on an 8-10am timeslot and put Sunday news from 7 to 8.

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