Wipeout: Australia

First a confession. I’ve never been one for Wipeout.

Ten minutes of the first episode and I felt like I’d seen it all. It was much the same with Hole in the Wall. I know Wipeout was a tad more self-ironic with its commentary than Hole, but if it’s not tubby lifesavers on It’s a Knockout (or even its predecessor Almost Anything Goes) then in my book it’s a genre best left to those crazy Japanese.

So I did the only fair thing. I watched the preview with a group of friends who adore Wipeout. I’d be able to judge how well this Australian version worked based on their reactions…

So what’s different in the Aussie version? Aside from the talent, nothing really. James Brayshaw and Josh Lawson commentate the show via the same distant green-screen as the American version. Similarly, Kelly Landry is on the ground to gain reactions from contestants. Naturally, they are all Aussies, sent to the international course in Argentina. It would take a lot to build this thing here, especially when there are no guarantees the show will succeed.

The contestants are all completely bonkers. They are collectively mental, vain, deluded, and, um, bogan. I guess you have to be to put your hand up for this gig. Expect to see them declaring to conquer the world before falling flat on their face in a pool of mud. Wipeout is that kinda show.

There’s also a lot of contestants. A LOT. Thankfully it’s edited at breakneck speed to cut to the humiliating chase. And they’re very Anglo-Saxon. For an Aussie Wipeout it’s very White Australian Wipeout.

But it’s also right on the money as a carbon copy of the US version. Brayshaw and Lawson cynically narrate the events, deriding all who foolishly tackle the course. They fit this bill rather well. Landry, in another role with little opportunity, doesn’t add much aside from adding the ‘cute factor’ plus several cases of stating the obvious.

As with the US edition, there are lots of replays, slow-mos, and scrawls across the screen that look like they have been graffitied by the texta of Perez Hilton.

My pals loved it.

Yet again, I felt like ten minutes was enough to experience the full extent of what the show has to offer, but that’s immaterial. The real point here is that Nine has come up with a faithful version of the show for its fans.

If you loved the US version, chances are you’ll love this one too.

Wipeout: Australia airs in a “Sneak Peek” 7:30pm Tuesday February 3rd on Nine.


  1. “it’s a knockout” is better. I love Australia favourite game. “it’s a knockout” (1985-1987) Fiona McDonald and Billy J.Smith. “It’s a knockout” is number one.

    # It’s a knockout — that’s the name#
    #It’s a knockout — that’s the game#
    #It’s a knockout — that’s the name of the game#

  2. Please ooh please channel nine and GO just put this show down so we the viewing public don’t have to suffer anymore.
    Somethings recycled for the australian audience just don’t work.
    Leave this show for the americans it just proves that they are number one at somethings

  3. i think its pretty funny how all these people reckon they can smash the course and all they do is fall off i wanna know how to get on the show and show them how its done.

  4. Hi,
    I’m very interested to know how can I get my partnar get into the ‘Wipeout’? And how much does it cost?
    Hear from you soon,

  5. I personally hate Wipeout Australia,
    This program is transmitted to some of the main countries in the world, such as america and england. This ruins Australia’s Reputation, sure there are other versions of the show but i personally find our’s the most embarassing, with the horrible comments on every part of the show, pictures of everything and i evrn admit the first time i watched it, i laughed when someone fell over, once, now it’s just embarrising.

  6. markus sheet ^….

    dont know what you on about with the set mate… it was filmed in argentina on an international set – where many other international versions of the show are also filmed.. identical setup to the US set in california… perhaps you mean film and production..

    i enjoyed the show last night…they’ve done well

    suprising how many people here unlike it really…alot of haters…its funny cos all those hating on it still seem to check it out…or at least show some interest by searching it

  7. Ok, 5 minutes of Australian Wipe Out is enough for me.

    Exactly what i thought it would be – a cheap, nasty, unfunny version of an international hit – pretty much what happened with Australian Top Gear.

    Hosts are not funny, contestants look like have been told to ‘act just like the Americans”, jokes are bad, sets look cheap..why don’t they just not bother – do they think Australian audiences are stupid and will accept a sub par product.

    It reminds me of Australian Survivor with it’s $5 sets compared to the Americans million dollar sets.

    Pathetic – just bring back the US version.

  8. My friend has been informed they are in the first episode. they didnt do to well but i was wondering if they show them as they quit at the big balls.

    and i lke bogans they are the funniest when the get wiped out

  9. Maybe channel Nine aren’t planning on keeping this for the whole year. They may air it for a couple of months, then take it off air, and then bring it back later on in the year. This way viewers won’t get bored of the concept. If they did this, it would be a smart move.

    And how many new shows do channel nine want in February?
    – Aussie Ladette to lady
    – The Farmer wants a wife
    – Wipeout: australia
    – Today on Sunday
    – The Mentalist
    – Domestic Blitz
    – And I think The Singing Bee is back in Feb as well

    I hope channel Nine keep delivering throughout the year, and not just show all the new shows in the first month of ratings.

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