Between a Rock and a new place

Heads up for fans of 30 Rock next week, to make sure you don't miss the first ten minutes.

30rock89It’s not really a “bump” but a minor adjustment to Seven’s Monday night schedule from next week is worth alerting fans of 30 Rock, in particular.

It will see the show start at 11:20pm instead of the 11:30pm start it has tonight.

Monday Feb 9
9:30pm Brothers and Sisters
10:25pm Boston Legal
11:20pm 30 Rock
11:45pm Last Comic Standing

The times are repeated on February 16.

The 30 Rock episode will include a guest appearance by Oprah Winfrey.

The shows all start on the half hour tonight due to a 5min Sneak Peek of Triple Zero Heroes at 10:25pm.

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  1. is 30 rock on free to air?
    I was waiting for it and its been on all this time?
    shame,how many have I missed?
    It’s a 7.30 or 8.30pm show not a midnight filler…wake up tv stations.

  2. Sneak Peak is up there with Tips and Tricks as my new favourite sayings to hate.

    Why doesn’t Se7en nurture a show like 30 Rock.. It deserves it… However it’s not like I’m going to watch it anyway when I can see it on Hulu..

  3. @nick: ‘why have a sneak peak for a show that will be premiering the night before?’

    the sneek peak was aired this monday, the 2nd, while 000heroes premiers next sunday, the 8th.

    And ive gotta agree with everyone. tonight, almost all the shows were 5min over. I think it started with the end of TT, running 5min over, making H&A start 5min later, and so on….
    Still, 000heroes looks like its gonna be cool, although i did notice, that the main story they’ve been promoting, about the little girl calling 000 coz her mums having a baby, and they end the call at “is it breathing mummy?’ or something. Well, the baby is breathing, and alive, coz they showed the little girl with her mum and a baby in a shot during the sneak peak. just thought id point that out!

  4. I just finished watching Brothers and Sisters and at the end there was a long musical promo for the premiere of All Saints, followed by the preview for next week’s B&S, followed by that sneak peek of the Triple Zero Heroes premiere. It only showed about a minute of footage that hadn’t already been shown in the regular promos.

    I’m assuming them doing a second sneak peek is to ensure that primetime viewers who wouldn’t usually watch TV on a Sunday tune in. Or they have some reason for really really not wanting it to fail.

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