Out of the Blue or out of sight?

outoftheblue32TEN has slotted The Simpsons back into 6pm Sundays, leaving Out of the Blue just to run at 5:30pm, instead of the one hour it had.

You’d think they would have dumped it entirely by now, it’s no way to treat a stripped soap. Except after 5pm they get local quota points for it (which TEN sure can use).

By now the network should have sorted out a better solution to this dilemma. Either stick with the show somewhere where it works for them and the audience or bite the bullet and give up the quota points. Real fans would still watch it earlier or later in the schedule.

And here’s an idea. TEN has four channels on air right now. There are no requirements in local quota points as to WHICH channel it has to air on. TEN could air a string of eps on it secondary channels, get the points and keep (some) fans happy.

How about it TEN?


  1. Can you please let me know when and where I can still watch ‘Out of the Blue’
    I have been watching on fiver at 6.45 am each morning , and without any warning it has disapeared for a cooking programme that is rubbish.

  2. Can you please just make up your mind if Out of the blue is going to be on one night then you need to run it for at least an hour. This half an hour business is stupid for one night a week.. There are people out there that enjoy this show let us watch it!!!!!!! Get rid of the Simpsons!!!

  3. yeah but why isnt sports tonight on sundays on normal 10, after the 5.30 news, 30 mins for sport weather and news isnt enough!! it used to go until 6 as far as i know, am i wrong??

  4. David, Ten definitely do not get drama quota if they played Out of the Blue on one of their other channels. It has to be played on the main channel to qualify. I’m sure if this had been an option Ten would have probably put it on at 7pm every night on their HD channel from last year opposite Home & Away.

  5. I think Ten made a few telemovies last year as well, one with Georgie Parker and Vince Colosimo which I can’t recall the name of, it was a murder story. But Neighbours alone would rake up enough points I reckon for local drama.

    I think if anyone has the dubious amount of local drama content, it would be Nine.

  6. Having seen all 130 episodes of this show on the BBC, I’m very disappointed with the way it’s been treated both in the UK and in Australia.

    It seems to have a lot of critics, but I can safely say it is a million times better than Neighbours, Home and Away, or any other drama series I’ve seen over the past few years.

    The lack of faith it gets is a joke. There’s no way that shows like Neighbours or Home and Away, which have large followings and lucrative international sales, could launch successfully in the current TV climate because if something isn’t a smash-hit right away it just gets axed or shunted to rubbish timeslots.

    I’d say that, after a shaky start, from the second week the show is great and much better than its rivals. But you guys in Australia are now getting to the point where the show surpasses itself with fantastic plots like Blade & Bec (which continues on Sunday) and the murder investigation heating up and reaching a conclusion.

    The ending of the final episode is amazing but I’m frustrated that we might never find out what happens next.

  7. ‘TEN has four channels on air right now.”

    Actually, they have three channels. Channels 1 and 11 are the same.
    They have 1/11, 10, 12.

    “There are no requirements in local quota points as to which channel it has to air on. TEN could air a string of eps on it secondary channels, get the points and keep (some) fans happy.”

    I think you will find that for first-release Australian drama to be counted it has to be broadcast on the main digital channel (which is the channel that is simulcast on analogue).

  8. well finally! ive been through their forums, wrote to them, and wrote comments on this site to remove it from, sundays!!! its a shocking show, and rates shocking for a sunday lead in aswell bl and sytycd would never do well with a lead of 300,000, just pathetic, i rekon 11.30 at night put it on.
    also david what happend to 10 news and sports tonight? it seems to have been pushed int 30 mins? that is a shocking idea for ten!

  9. How does Ten manage to fill its local drama quota? Is Neighbours really enough? I’m having trouble thinking of any other Australian drama (other than a couple of episodes of OOTB) it showed in 2008.

  10. well thats an interesting point that it doesn’t matter which channel it is on to get the quota points. i can understand that they wanted to bring news back to 10:30 OOTB should have gone to tenHD 10:30. cbf with the maths but they would probably got the series done by march 30 when ONE starts.

    it’s quite obvious that OOTB is all about the points and that 10 doesn’t really care about the ratings. so why not do that.

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