Week 9

Down to the Wire
Top 100 Week 9
Pay TV Week 9
ASTRA week 9


1 Seven News Seven 1,365,000
2 Kath & Kim Seven 1,009,000
3 New Tricks ABC 1,008,000
4 Nine News Nine 992,000
5 In The Bush With Malcolm Douglas Seven 984,000
6 The Vicar Of Dibley Seven 971,000
7 ABC News ABC 940,000
8 Australia’s Funniest Home Videos Nine 868,000
9 The Bill ABC 844,000
10 50 First Dates Nine 836,000
11 ABC News Update ABC 736,000
12 Ten News At Five Sat Ten 654,000
13 Gardening Australia ABC 556,000
14 ABC News Update ABC 528,000
15 Seconds From Disaster: Hotel Collapse Singapore Seven 501,000
16 Kiss The Girls Ten 462,000
17 Sports Tonight Sat Ten 461,000
18 M-Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit Seven 456,000
19 Antiques Roadshow Nine 448,000
20 Center Stage Ten 429,000
Click Nine 351,000
M-Smart House Seven 330,000
M-Overboard Seven 308,000
Iron Chef SBS 307,000
Rockwiz SBS 298,000

Seven: 29.5
Nine: 26.3
ABC: 21.9
TEN: 14.7
SBS: 7.6


1 Seven News Seven 1,320,000
2 Today Tonight Seven 1,238,000
3 Better Homes And Gardens Seven 1,231,000
4 Nine News Nine 965,000
5 Home And Away Seven 955,000
6 Ten News At Five Ten 919,000
7 A Current Affair Nine 894,000
8 Trial And Retribution ABC 879,000
9 ABC News ABC 876,000
10 Two And A Half Men Nine 876,000
11 The Simpsons Rpt Ten 793,000
12 The All New Simpsons Ten 776,000
13 The Biggest Loser Ten 749,000
14 Collectors ABC 733,000
15 Yours, Mine Ours Nine 699,000
16 Hitch Nine 685,000
17 Deal Or No Deal Seven 681,000
18 Neighbours Ten 670,000
19 Stateline ABC 663,000
20 Medium Ten 612,000
Law & Order Ten 583,000
Dalziel And Pascoe ABC 575,000
The Simpsons 6pm 575,000
The Bold And The Beautiful Ten 529,000
2009 NAB Cup Seven 435,000
The Thirties In Colour SBS 181,000

Seven: 29.7
Nine: 25.8
TEN: 20.0
ABC: 18.5
SBS: 5.9


1 Seven News Seven 1,381,000
2 Today Tonight Seven 1,309,000
3 Home And Away Seven 1,121,000
4 Nine News Nine 1,064,000
5 Getaway Nine 1,056,000
6 Adults Only 20 To 1 Nine 1,053,000
7 A Current Affair Nine 1,040,000
8 Two And A Half Men Nine 1,037,000
9 ABC News ABC 1,013,000
10 CSI: Miami Nine 982,000
11 Grey’s Anatomy Seven 979,000
12 Ghost Whisperer Seven 965,000
13 The Biggest Loser Ten 914,000
14 Ten News At Five Ten 908,000
15 Bondi Vet Ten 826,000
16 7.30 Report ABC 805,000
17 Deal Or No Deal Seven 739,000
18 2009 NAB Cup – Collingwood V Richmond Ten 713,000
19 Private Practice Seven 709,000
20 Neighbours Ten 693,000
Catalyst ABC 691,000
Amazing Medical Stories Nine 544,000
Bringing Up Baby ABC 519,000
Scrubs Seven 511,000
Law And Order: SVU Ten 502,000*
Q & A ABC 446,000
Life On Mars Ten 333,000*
Inspector Rex SBS 295,000

Nine: 27.4
Seven: 26.7
TEN: 25.0
SBS: 16.1
SBS: 4.7
* Sydney / Brisbane only


1 Seven News Seven 1,427,000
2 Australia’s Got Talent Seven 1,370,000
3 Today Tonight Seven 1,339,000
4 Criminal Minds Seven 1,334,000
5 The Farmer Wants A Wife Nine 1,184,000
6 Nine News Nine 1,166,000
7 Gangs Of Oz Seven 1,162,000
8 Home And Away Seven 1,145,000
9 A Current Affair Nine 1,084,000
10 Two And A Half Men Nine 1,065,000
11 Spicks And Specks ABC 1,050,000
12 The Mentalist Nine 1,038,000
13 ABC News ABC 1,033,000
14 The Biggest Loser Ten 939,000
15 Ten News At Five Ten 899,000
16 House Ten 871,000
17 7.30 Report ABC 821,000
18 Neighbours Ten 816,000
19 Cold Case Nine 789,000
20 Deal Or No Deal Seven 774,000
Guerrilla Gardeners Ten 712,000
The New Inventors ABC 706,000
Life Ten 657,000
Cold Case Rpt Nine 510,000
The Cook And The Chef ABC 483,000
Lost Seven 465,000
Chandon Pictures ABC 431,000
Tribe SBS 340,000
Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry And Paul ABC 338,000
At The Movies ABC 264,000

Seven: 32.2
Nine: 26.4
TEN: 19.9
ABC: 16.2
SBS: 5.4


1 Packed To The Rafters Seven 1,833,000
2 Find My Family Seven 1,643,000
3 RSPCA Animal Rescue Seven 1,512,000
4 Seven News Seven 1,412,000
5 NCIS Ten 1,389,000
6 Today Tonight Seven 1,288,000
7 All Saints Seven 1,223,000
8 Lie To Me Ten 1,181,000
9 Home And Away Seven 1,161,000
10 Bondi Rescue Ten 1,137,000
11 A Current Affair Nine 1,121,000
12 Nine News Nine 1,116,000
13 ABC News ABC 1,077,000
14 Two And A Half Men Nine 1,048,000
15 Wipeout Australia Nine 1,026,000
16 Two And A Half Men -Ep2 Nine 1,004,000
17 Two And A Half Men -Ep1 Nine 982,000
18 The Biggest Loser Ten 969,000
19 Ten News At Five Ten 941,000
20 Aussie Ladette To Lady Nine 832,000
7.30 Report ABC 818,000
Neighbours Ten 802,000
Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Nine 587,000
Eli Stone Seven 481,000
Lead Balloon ABC 463,000
Foreign Correspondent ABC 431,000
Dirty Sexy Money Seven 243,000

Seven: 33.7
TEN: 24.6
Nine: 24.0
ABC: 12.5
SBS: 5.1


1 Underbelly: A Tale Of Two Cities Nine 2,291,000
2 Seven News Seven 1,659,000
3 Today Tonight Seven 1,505,000
4 Nine News Nine 1,294,000
5 Customs Nine 1,269,000
6 The 81st Annual Academy Awards Nine 1,251,000
7 Two And A Half Men Nine 1,234,000
8 ABC News ABC 1,195,000
9 Home And Away Seven 1,191,000
10 A Current Affair Nine 1,147,000
11 South Park SBS 1,069,000
12 Ten News At Five Ten 1,039,000
13 So You Think You Can Dance Australia Ten 1,037,000
14 The Biggest Loser Ten 1,034,000
15 Desperate Housewives Seven 1,013,000
16 Top Gear SBS 1,011,000
17 Two And A Half Men Nine 1,009,000
18 7.30 Report ABC 944,000
19 How I Met Your Mother Seven 920,000
20 Australian Story ABC 911,000
Neighbours Ten 844,000
Brothers & Sisters Seven 839,000
Deal Or No Deal Seven 811,000
Good News Week Ten 757,000
Four Corners ABC 659,000
Media Watch ABC 650,000
Antiques Roadshow Nine 585,000
The Cut ABC 562,000
The 81st Annual Academy Awards -Live Nine 545,000
Dexter Ten 508,000
Boston Legal Seven 465,000
Sunrise Seven 366,000
Talking Heads ABC 359,000
Today Nine 301,000
The 81st Annual Academy Awards -Red Carpet Nine 278,000
30 Rock Seven 228,000
The Morning Show Seven 217,000
Mornings With Kerri-Anne Nine 127,000
9AM with David and Kim Ten 70,000

Nine: 35.9
Seven: 23.2
TEN: 17.6
ABC: 14.5
SBS: 8.9


1 Seven News Seven 1,440,000
2 Border Security Seven 1,369,000
3 So You Think You Can Dance Australia Ten 1,311,000
4 60 Minutes Nine 1,288,000
5 Triple Zero Heroes Seven 1,228,000
6 Nine News Nine 1,183,000
7 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Nine 1,105,000
8 City Homicide Seven 1,086,000
9 The Biggest Loser Ten 1,073,000
10 Sunday Night Seven 1,071,000
11 Domestic Blitz Nine 998,000
12 ABC News ABC 945,000
13 Rove Ten 922,000
14 CSI: Miami Nine 881,000
15 Ten News At Five Sun Ten 823,000
16 Bones Seven 782,000
17 Wild Caribbean ABC 746,000
18 Cranford ABC 704,000
19 ABC News Update ABC 611,000
20 Compass ABC 567,000
The Einstein Factor ABC 561,000
Without A Trace Nine 448,000
Weekend Sunrise-Extended Seven 386,000
Weekend Sunrise Seven 377,000
True Hollywood Story: Heath Ledger Ten 355,000
Nine News Special -National Day Of Mourning Nine 339,000
The National Memorial Service For Bushfire Victims ABC 324,000
24 Seven 317,000
Out Of The Blue  Ten 308,000
Today On Sunday Nine 190,000
The Office Ten 153,000
Bushfire National Day Of Mourning SBS 138,000
Bushfire Memorial Service Ten 136,000

Nine: 27.9
TEN: 26.3
Seven: 25.7
ABC: 15.1
SBS: 5.0


  1. So is ch7 back in the lead for the week already?

    Ch10 beating 9 for the night! that makes me happy 🙂

    Good on Packed wining the night again and yes 2.5 men IMO people are confused, without checking the guide would most know (or care) which was the new ep? Lie To Me and All Saints thumping Aussie Ladette To Lady, how long before it’s gone? Pity Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money and not doing better (DSM final ep ever next week) Also good to see Bondi and NCIS working for ch10 and Secret Diary Of A Call Girl on ch9.

  2. For all the viewer criticism Nine has copped over content in UB, both here and elsewhere, it is still considered a bonafide hit. All shows lose a bit of their audience after their premiere.

    I also don’t think we should be expecting actors to apologise for some of the decision making that goes on by networks. There have always been varying degrees of excellence in Aussie productions at the same time, just as there have been in other countries.

    Removing accusations regarding accuracy and sensationalism UB remains a well-executed piece of entertainment and clearly 2m+ viewers seem to agree.

  3. Just with Sunday Night – I also think it’s too much like Today Tonight, however, the All-In Call, which is only broadcast on 7HD and the net, really separates it from 60 Minutes and Today Tonight. If only Channel 7 would broadcast it on it’s normal channel, maybe their ratings would increase, because I must admit, the All-In Call is really good.

  4. Mr. K, If your so connected then please give all the low rent Australian actors / producers a message from all of us:-

    Please Stop:-
    – Producing cheap arsed versions of US/UK shows that insult our intelligence (Wipeout/Top Gear).
    – Making australian television for the strictly bogan, jingoistic, broad aussie accent, oi oi oi, she’ll be right mate market – i would love to see the actual geography of who watches underbelly/packed to the rafters/L2L etc I can guarantee it is not the inner city/Eastern subs/North shore of Sydney. More likely the Aust version of Americas mid west, i.e. redneck.
    -using people that should never be on TV as actors/presenters, i.e. bert newtons son, Jennifer Hawkins – everyone actually.
    – please stop the Aussie media from being jingoistic, pathetic false patriots all the time and thinking that we think that they really cared and empathized about the bush fire victims, when we all know it’s all done for promo, or to give yourself a correspondent job internationally. Just generally insulting our in intelligence with every word or sensationalist headline they utter.

    I could go on and on but why bother.

  5. As someone who has been bagging “Underbelly”, can I just state that I have no bias against Channel 9 or for or against any other channel. I just judge shows on their merits and by my own opinions. As for Mr K, I think we all support our local drama industry but I don’t think that should mean we automatically praise every show. Some are better than others.

  6. lol Mr K, if you think anyone takes any of our comments seriously you’re deluded. But there are people who dislike Underbelly, as there are people who dislike Packed to the Rafters. A few negative words over either show aren’t going to see them axed so harden up.

    Rafters seems to be bouncing back which is good to see. Quite liked last nights episode and the final few episodes as part of season 1 look very good.

    Wipeout still performing solidly, I have to admit it is my secret addiction…well during the ad breaks anyway! Ladette to Lady isn’t setting the ratings on fire, and 9 are already planning auditions for another season.

  7. As an actor……. you all should be ashamed of yourselves……. shows like ‘Underbelly’ are our lifeline, and the fact that Australian’s are embracing it, means, networks have confidence in our local industry.
    Stop the bitching about 7 and 9……. and let them do their thing, and you watch whatever you want. 2.2 million people couldn’t be wrong, so why complain about it. Watch something else, or grow up. Its attitudes like yours, that suffer our industry. If you cannot support our tv series, and our own reality shows 9 (which employ many of my friends), then keep your mouths shut, as your nasty words can do alot more damage than good.

  8. Losers ratings havent been impressive this year, but TEN would be happy with its numbers for the dreaded 7pm timeslot. Its what let them down last year and I think it will continue to let them down in future times with MasterChef Australia.. Im not sure TEN viewers will watch a cooking show.

  9. Good to see Today show (weekdays) is going good. Much better than Sunrise. Karl can be a bit weird, but Lisa is great. Channel Seven should be upset that they let her go. She is much better than Mel. Good to see channel nine using their good hosts well. Hopefully they don’t over-use them. Biggest Loser is still going strong which is good to see.

  10. @pmm

    How does Sunday Night “beat” 60 Minutes when they are not competing in the same timeslot? (at least not here on ATN7 / TCN9)

    Unless you’re referring to the SN ‘The All in Call’ at 7:30pm on 7HD? But I hardly think that counts… HD only has about 10% market penetration…

  11. Underbelly continues to bleed viewers. 400,000 per week since its start.

    Obviously still a high rater, but the orgy is over – and the novelty continues to wear off, with poorer scripts and acting than its predecessor and other Aussie dramas on air at the moment.

    Matthew Newton should be unemployed.

  12. Tepee you have to be kidding “excellent acting and casting, the solid scripts”. What show are you watching? They take some of our countries best actors, and make them look like amateurs with the woeful dialogue they give them. The scripts are laughable which makes the acting look terrible. I love plenty of Aussie shows, Packed to the Rafters, City Homicide, Rush. But Underbelly just doesn’t cut. I’ve said it before people just get blinded by the hype for this show. That’s the only reason it’s doing so well. Hype. I’d compare the acting and script to Out o the Blue, and that show was pretty poor.

  13. @ Andrew B.

    I don’t think people point the finger at network bias unless they are the same culprits, and there are a fair few trolls who continually come up with the same spin for their beloved Nine, Seven and Ten networks. The most notorious of all would have to be…..well I think we all know who i’m talking about so I won’t name names.

    I, and probably most on this site can separate the same spin from these users, from the genuine opinions from others whether positive or negative.

  14. There are definitely a few participants on this site from time to time whose comments sound more like marketing directives from the networks, but most of them are simply stating their opinions which they are entitled to. Why is it that when ever a person give positive comment about a show they are accused of working for that network?

    And while most of us are bitterly disappointed with what has happened to ch 9 in recent times, the fact that a show is on that channel should not influence ones opinion of the show itself.

  15. excellent acting and casting is being a bit 2 nice!!
    and yes we hate channel 9! i also hate channel 7! but 9 major sucks, such a cheap looking channel lol. want good tv then turn to 10 where there is upbeat stuff to look at instead of more dead people and sex.

  16. Anyone who thinks Underbelly is “embarrassing” and just a porno seriously has to screw their head on the right way. Never mind the excellent acting and casting, the solid scripts, the amazing costume and set design and music. We all know that the people who want UB to fail want it to fail not because they think it’s a porno (although they may think this), but because it is on Channel Nine. So spiteful.

  17. Well, you can certainly tell the people that are either paid or work for certain networks. I like a mixture of all networks but don’t try to ram my point of view down anyones throat.
    Its hunny how when someone like (Lex) praise a show by reacting to an adverse comment will go on and specifically select a list of shows to brag about which are from the same network but yet on different days.
    You guys should just chill out and use this site to share things which are not commonly known. Don’t use it as a paid commercial.

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