Airdate: One Week at a Time

quarters-and-harleyONE launches a new AFL show One Week at a Time at 7:30pm tonight AEDST.

OWAAT (is that “oh what? for short?) is hosted by Stephen Quartermain and regular panelist Robert Walls who will discuss the weekend that was and what is ahead for the next round. Tonight’s line-up also includes Geelong’s Tom Harley while Matthew Lloyd, Matthew Richardson feature in coming weeks.

The show also includes a special guest along with a behind the scenes look at the AFL.

OWAAT will be live across Australia so will be televised at 5.30pm in Perth, 7pm in Adelaide and replayed at  11.30pm (AEST) allowing Perth viewers to see it at 9.30pm if they missed the earlier telecast.

The show is one of ONE’s new local programmes along with Thursday Night Live, due later this week.

Note: daylight saving changes mean tonight’s first telecast will be shown at 4.30pm in WA and will revert to 5.30pm next week.


  1. I had so much respect for you guys.
    I’m a pure bred Essendon supporter, and I did believe that Franklin should not have been rubbed out for his indescretion, but then when listening to live commentry, you guys accuse Lloyd of an indecent act, his arm was tucked and he hit the contest with full intent. how do you want the game to be?
    One week you are whinging that the game is turned soft and then the next week you are complaining that a fair bump is out of the question. Join a side and stop sitting on the fence, because there is absolutely no reason that Lloyd should be rubbed out for this contact, take a closer look at the footage.
    For you guys to actually say that he should be scared of the opposition, you show that you have extremely short memories, this man is hard at the ball full stop. Wake up because you make mockery of the game! Where is your heart? Isn’t that what this game is really about?

  2. darryl palmer

    your 30 seconds of the crows game was pathetic to say the least you seem to treat the interstate sides with contempt and i dont understand the reason as we are part of the comp as well.i dont think i will watch the show in the future until you give interstate clubs more of a go .

  3. Did you know:-

    Far be it for me to suggest that people in power would cheat to influence the outcome of matches. Nevertheless with only 21 of the 32 AFL field umpires listed as residing in Victoria, one could reasonably expect there to be a fair representation of locally based non-Victorian field umpires spread across matches between Victorian and non-Victorian teams.

    I know that many Interstate supporters are not happy and feel gutted. Also I cant image the Melbourne Football Club supporters would be overly impressed.

    If all Umpires were considered neutral why would it take 8 matches ( round 11) before a SA based Umpire was assigned to a Crows verse Victorian match? In those 8 matches 18 Victorian field Umpires officiated.

  4. Hey guys, please put on your National hat tonight, take off your ‘Victorian’ hat and have a look at the interstate teams in more detail. Afterall you have a large national audience, (at the moment) we deserve some comments for our teams.
    Last week, the crows played great footy but no, it was Carlton that played so badly. Not one word about the excellent game from the crows. Have a look at last week, you did not mention one crows player in the match review. How biased is that!!!! This week, once again the crows really outplayed Hawthorn. We look forward to hearing your comments about that as well. Actually Neil Craig out coached Clarkson quite easily in the first half. Please look at the competition with a national perspective. You will hold we interstate viewers for longer.
    Otherwise, all in all, we do enjoy your programme

  5. This show has the potential to be one of the best of all time if they have the courage to make one essential change.Robert Walls has to be deleted. He is the single most biased commentator on television,print media, or what ever medium you wish to name. First you must be from Victoria to be any value what so ever and Secondly if you come from Carlton or carlton stock you automatically have amazing ability. As a very very long time player/obsever of this wonderful game he is the single most biased commentator I have ever had the misfortune to listen too. I dont read him at all so am not qualified to talk about him in that avenue of the media.
    Kevin Read

  6. I agree about the desk looking too short – also a bit of shaky start but things will get better for the team. Quarters and Wallsies have been commentating for quite a few years now so the chemistry between them was established – always a good start. Quarters looked a little nervous, but again that was to be expected. Tom Harley is a revelation – articulate and interesting. I’ll look forward to the episodes where he is on the panel – and Brett Ratten was pretty good too…

    Funny thing is though, watching this and then On The Couch straight after was unusual. OTC covered many of the stories and issues that OWAAT already covered, so I found myself getting bored with OTC half way through (especially since the first 10 minutes of the Malthouse interview was talking about his contract – YAWN! Talk about the footy) – which is strange because I used to really look forward to OTC. Hopefully this spell the death of Footy Classified, as by the time that starts at 11+PM (taking overruns of Underbelly into consideration) the top news stories would have been covered twice already, and better than what FC would do it.

    Well done to TEN and ONE on this one – wouldnt be surprised if TEN decided to show a late night encore on the TEN SD channel in the future. On a side note – I think Sports Tonight should show highlights from ONE HD instead of ONE SD during their stories!! I noticed quite a few times (espcially on the NCAA wrap-up) that the logo just said ONE LIVE instead of ONE HD LIVE and the screen was blocking up.

  7. Even more reason to make the switch across to a HD set
    Fantastic to see TEN investing in some top quality footy programs, adding to Before the Game and the 5th Quarter.

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