Airdate: The Game Plan AFL, The Final Siren. Returning: One Week At A Time (AFL)

AFL fans sure are getting smothered for choice these days. Two more are on the way, this time from ONE.

Could someone who has their head around all these shows please write us a list of all the FTA / Pay TV shows for AFL?

The Game Plan AFL
The Game Plan will provide viewers with detailed preview information for the upcoming round.

Hosted by Anthony Hudson, Matthew Lloyd and Scott Cummings, The Game Plan will dissect what has transpired in AFL news during the week and will concentrate on the team announcements – who’s in, who’s out and who has what it takes to be the next AFL premiers.

Boasting a variety of feature stories and in-studio guests, the light hearted yet informative program will be hosted by two of AFL’s most respected commentators and will also welcome a special guest panellist into the studio each week.

It premieres Wednesday, March 23 then continues Thursdays on ONE HD.

The Final Siren
The Final Siren will provide a definitive wrap up of all the AFL action across the weekend.

Hosted by ex AFL player and commentator Michael Christian and Chris Grant, The Final Siren will delve into the highs and lows of the games played on the weekend and will give viewers access to the most up to date AFL information providing unique insight into coach press conferences, match statistics and where the teams are placed on the ladder.

Featuring the top 10 plays of the weekend, in-depth analysis and highlights of every game, Michael and Chris will be regularly joined by Herald Sun journalist Jon Ralph.

It premieres Sunday, March 27th on ONE HD.

Finally One Week At A Time (AFL) returns to ONE at Monday, March 28.

Update: Times are as follows:

The Game Plan – AFL
Mel @ 8:30pm
Adel @ 8.30pm
Perth @ 8.30pm
Syd @ 11.45pm
Bris @ 11.45pm

The Game Plan – NRL
Syd @ 8.30pm
Bris @ 8.30pm
Mel @ 11.45pm
Ade @ 11.45pm
Per @ 11.45pm

The Final Siren – AFL
[email protected] 7pm
Adel @ 6pm
Perth @ 4pm
Syd @ 7pm
Bris @ 6pm

One Week At A Time – AFL
Mel @ 9:30pm
Adel @ 9:30pm
Perth @ 9.30pm
Syd @ 11.45pm
Bris @ 11.45pm

One Week At A Time – NRL
Syd @ 9.30pm
Bris @ 9.30pm
Adel @ 11:45pm
Mel @ 11:45pm
Per @ 11:45pm


  1. Your commentator seated to the left of Matty LLoyd, [as one looks at them on the screen] made brief comment of the Intnl. Cup currently being played in Melbourne. It was good in respect to the poor publicity given to the event, but extremely poor in relation to the fact that the said person described the event as ‘International rules’!!!???! The international event being played is factually australian footy and not international rules which is a separate hybrid, end of the season game sometimes played with Ireland

  2. Its easy to see that now a rugby league man is on board of 10 the AFL gets pushed aside. It hardly gets a mention on the news & the AFL shows have been pushed to a late timeslot. Also the late AFL game 10 puts on is cut and only shows the 4 quarters – nothing else. Its hard when you want to know who is in or out of a team.
    Michael Christian is a dreadful game caller, he doesnt know the players names & is very biased to Collingwood as proved in their game against Melbourne when he said 3 or 4 times that Leon Davis was all Australian last year. Seems like he was only player on the field who was.
    Roll on next season & hope 10 dont get any games from 7.

  3. what idiot program director at channel ten came up with the idea of showing afl’s before the game, long long long after the ariel ping pong game finished decided it would be a not so great idea to show it on channel ten in sydney nsw at the un godley hour of 2-3 am in the morning when most rugby league supporters are sound a sleep in bed , does channel ten really think that sydney is all that interested in AFL, come on channel ten get off the AFL Crap sydneys not interested in it

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