Airdate: World’s Funniest Videos

scrawfordShane Crawford and Lyndsey Rodrigues will host a new clip show for the Nine Network.

The 30 minute show will premiere at 7:30pm Tuesday April 7th and is followed by a commercials clip show Commercial Breakdown.

Rodrigues is also appearing on What’s Good For You which returns at 7:30pm on the following night, Wednesday April 7.


  1. I am always up for a good laugh. Nothing good be better for the soul. I love watching funniest home video’s whether they are from the world or Australia but I don’t find it very amusing when I am presented with naked children baring all on national tv. Shame on you guys. We are supposed to be protecting young children from sicko’s not enabling them. I am sure Shane Crawford wouldn’t want his good name ruined by idiot producers. Shane go back to AFL!!!!

  2. Excuse me but I happen to know Crawf personally and if you think he is self obsessed then you are dead wrong. He plays up for the cameras and if you people werent so judgemental you’d see hes actually a really caring, great guy who is naturally funny.

    Agree with the show being a stupid idea.. seriously.

  3. Snore. When are they going to realise nobody watches this crap? Was some TV exec over-excited about meeting their favourite footballer that they approved the first pitch he gave them?

  4. Commercial breakdown bombed last time and the time before that.
    Looks like Nine resorting to clip shows, funniest videos,20-1 tripe etc.
    Or maybe they are smart – using very cheap product when they know they will lose night.

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