Gone: Christine, CSI: NY, Returning: Kitchen Nightmares, Commercial Breakdown

ramsayNine has responded, as we knew they all would, to it’s under-performing Tuesday night line up which this week saw its share dip to just 18.9%.

But its replacement programmes don’t look much better.

This week the line-up was:

7:30 Two and a Half Men rpt
8:00 The New Adventures of Old Christine
8:30 20 to 1
9:30 CSI: New York

Next Tuesday it now plans:

7:30 20 to 1
8:30 Two and a Half Men
9:00 Two and a Half Men
9:30 Commercial Breakdown Adults Only
10:15 Kitchen Nightmares: USA

Christine is now out of schedule on Nine (though it is coming to GO!) while new eps of CSI: NY are out.

Hosting the “naughtiest and sexiest commercials” is Dermott Brereton with Gyton Grantley as a guest.

It will be interesting to see how Ramsay performs since his public admonishing. Kitchen Nightmares: USA is episode 12 of S2 “Cafe 36” from January. Another will air a week later, but Nine looks like running out of fresh eps from there.

Meanwhile still no change for Australia’s Perfect Couple, which had just as poor figures, but more network ker-ching invested.


  1. I really like CSI:NY, It’s my favourite out of all of them, and now I can’t watch it anywhere. I have the DVDs, and Have watched them all, but season 5+ won’t come out until Channel 9 has shown it, which by the sounds of things wont happen. When will they get the message that it is one of their top rating T.V. shows?

  2. New Adventures of Old Christine and Two and a Half Men?This Time Eighteen Years Ago It was All Together Now and My Two Wives in the same timeslot.Same Concepts revisited all over again.

  3. Movies of all sorts would be a better choice for a Tuesday Night.

    Off the topic a little though whatever happened to those Airline/Airport style programmes I loved watching those and would like to see something along those lines come back.

  4. Will Nine ever get the message that we are sick to death of Two and a Half Men.

    Time for them to go back to the drawing board for some new australian family friendly comedies.

  5. David – you are absolutely correct in saying that Nine doesn’t take notice of these things, then wonders why we don’t sample their new shows, and its because half of them are crap and are replacing the good stuff

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