Returning: Wide World of Sports

wwosNine’s Wide World of Sports finally makes a return to Sunday mornings from10am Sunday March 15th.

Ken Sutcliffe resumes the chair but will be joined by guest hosts Grant Hackett, Adam Gilchrist, Giaan Rooney and Michael Slater.

The show will now follow three hours of Today on Sunday, with a movie to follow thereafter.


  1. Watching wwos 05/04, Anthony mundine is full of it…. i have seen better fighters over the yrs….what about Jeff fenech, Lionel rose, Kostya zyu, Anthony is dreaming if thinks he is the best aust fighter of all the time.He has hand picked his opponents, Anthony is a good boxer when he stepped to the elite level he got beat

  2. Grant Hackett oh why (Mr Wobbly Head)
    Again Nine uses swimmers and cricketers to front asports programme.
    have they not got any other sports folk on their books ?

  3. Are you sure there’s a movie after WWOS? I know there’s the Sunday Footy Show and then the Sunday Roast on Nine here. I’d think there would be the Sunday Footy Show (AFL) in Melbourne after WWOS?

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