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adam_bolandMedia articles are eyeing producer Adam Boland this week, with speculation about everything from an impending resignation to dissent behind the scenes of Sunday Night, which he co-produces with Mark Llewellyn.

One report which indicates The All In Call was axed this week (as reported on TV Tonight a week ago), goes as far as to say it is his second show axed this year. The other one? Apparently The Night Cap.

It was actually axed in March 2008.

Sunday Night did come third in ratings on Sunday, pipped by The Biggest Loser and Domestic Blitz but with 101,000 between all three shows was competitive. Still, it has lost ground since its premiere.

Many commentators (including this one) had hoped to see a more robust, tougher programme. But it may well be a marketing issue. Seven’s show now has a battle addressing an imbalance between the network pitching it as hard-hitting current affairs, while producers always intended it to be a more diverse “slice of life.” TV Tonight also understands not all content attributed to Boland has been of his making.

Last November Boland stepped aside from the day to day overseeing of Sunrise to focus on Sunday Night, with David Walters becoming Acting Executive Producer. He remained Head of Morning Television.

The Australian this week tips that Walters will become permanent Executive Producer of Sunrise. Earlier this month Boland’s ex-partner Michael Pell signed a two-year contract with the network to helm The Morning Show and Weekend Sunrise.

Source:, The Australian


  1. Adam Boland is the person who found motor racing ego crazed Grant Denyer and probably a lot of ‘shit’ celebrities. Too much wizkid gibbish from him and those ‘horrible’ shows he produced.

  2. Leon, the only reason Sunday Night beat 60 Minutes 2 weeks in a row is because people were giving it a chance – Now, after they’ve given it enough of a chance to make their mind up… I believe they won’t be coming back… If Sunday Night can’t rate better than what it currently is, immediately after the absolutely dominant Seven News, then that says all… It spells Fail…

  3. tomothy… you say that the denyer story was crap .. 60 mins had charles woolley in drag at carnivale! if sunday night is crap, then so is 60 mins..

  4. I have to admit to watching quite a bit of Sunrise lately, and having followed the show as well as (as I affectionately call him) “Bo-Lo” for some time, I have to concede that Sunrise has improved this year.

    With so many individuals and industrial constraints contributing to the production of the show it is hard to argue that the involvement of one man can make such a difference. This being said, it’s become highly watchable, even with the addition of Fifi “nails down a blackboard” Box.

  5. have to agree with tomothy that story was more suited to a TT’s fluff piece it seems sunday is going down a directionless road. they are treating the viewer like an unitelligent coach potato. Give us more real life hard hitting current affairs. Go to Iraq, Afganistahn, israel and other parts of the world to inform us of what is actually happening to people and life there, instead of this glossy look at us or me stories. Its rubbish TV brain dead.

    We need to learn from other cultures and other places in the world. Come on Sunday u have a big opportunity here to steer tv into a new and more interesting dimension.

  6. It was a mistake putting Boland and Llwellyn together on this show – their styles are completely different and as a result Sunday Night is suffering from a lack of definition – it doesn’t really know what kind of show it wants to be.

    I don’t believe that Boland would want to leave Seven though – I recall reading an article a few years ago stating that he was always a seven fanboy as a young lad, and always dreamed of working there. Then again, money talks, so who knows?

  7. I wouldnt be axing anyone from ‘Sunday Night’ now, it’s beaten 60minutes 2weeks in a row. If anything the Pressure is back on Ch9’s 60minutes to win back the people that have made the switch.

  8. I could not belive the crap story on Sunday Night this week with “reporter” Grant Denyer doing a story on desperados in the country who cant get a date.

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